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Galway Girl lyrics and guitar chords

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Galway Girl Song Lyrics Guitar Chords plus sheet music and tin whistle notes
Sheet Music Below With The Tin Whistle Notes.Written by Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon, the video below is of Mundy. Change the tab to suit your own voice with the key chords changer on the site. The tin whistle ABC notes are by Cathal Lynch. Recently recorded by Celtic Thunder and by Rapalje, and by Shayne Ward And Foster And Allen.

GALWAY GIRL 4/4 (Use capo on 2nd fret for Mundy version)
Well I (D)took a strool on the old long walk,
Of a day I-ay I-(G)ay
I (Bm)met a little (A)girl and we (G)stopped to (D)talk,
Of a fine soft (A)day I (D)ay-I ay

And I (G)ask you (D)friend
What’s a (G)fella to (D)do
Because her (Bm)hair was (A)black and her (G)eyes were (D)blue,
And I (G)knew right (D)then
I’d be (G)taking a (D)whirl
Round the (Bm)Salthill (A)prom with a (G)Galway (D)girl


We were (D)half way there when the rain came down,
Of a day I ay I (G)ay
And she (Bm)took me (A)up to her (G)flat down(D)town,
On a fine soft (A)day I (D)ay-I ay,

And I (G)ask you (D)friend
What’s a (G)fella to (D)do
Because her (Bm)hair was (A)black and her (G)eyes were (D)blue,
So I (G)took her (D)hand
And I (G)gave her a (D)twirl
And then I (Bm)lost my (A)heart to a (G)Galway (D)girl


When I (D)woke up I was all alone,
With a (Bm)broken (A)heart and a (G)ticket (D)home,

And I (G)ask you (D)friend
Oh (G)what would you to d(D)o,
If her (Bm)hair was (A)black and her (G)eyes were (D)blue,
See I've (G)travelled a(D)round
I've been (G)all over this (D)world, - boys
And (Bm)never seen (A)nothing like a (G)Galway (D)girl




The video on how to play the song on tin whistle is by Jean-Baptiste Meynard who is using a D whistle. The notes played may not be exactly the same as I have given. Be imaginative and play your own version of the tune. No tune has to be played exactly the same as who made it famous. Once the basic melody of the tune is kept in place that's all that matters.

Galway Girl Sheet Music

Tin Whistle ABC Letter Notes
D E F# E D D E F# E D D E F# F# G A B
G G F# E E D F# F# F# E E E D E F# E D D
D' D' D' A B
F# F# F# E E
D E F# F# F# E E E D D
D' D' D' A B
F# F# F# E E
D E F# F# F# E F# E D D
That's it, you repeat it all three times over for the full song. Some versions have solos after each of the verses. The solos are roughly the same notes as the verse with a bit of ad-libbing. As these are ''Lead Notes'' they are not only for the tin whistle but are suitable for accordion and fiddle. The mandolin tab is below.

Book Includes The Basic Letter Notes For Over 100 Songs

Galway Girl Mandolin Tab

Thanks goes to Mikeo Pennington for sending me Galway Girl


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