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In My Liverpool Home chords lyrics music

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In My Liverpool Home Lyrics Chords And Sheet Music. Written by Peter McGovern and a big hit for The Spinners in the early 1960s. The guitar chords are provided here by Marc Fahrbach.


(G)In my (D7)Liverpool (G)Home, (C)in my Liverpool (G)Home

We (C)speak with an accent ex(G)ceedingly rare,

Meet (C)under a statue ex(G)ceedingly bare,

And if you (C)want a Cathedral, we've (G)got one to spare

In (D)my (D7)Liverpool (G)Home.....


I was (G)born in Liverpool, (D)down by the docks

Me (D7)Religion was catholic, occu(G)pation Hard-Knocks

At stealing from lorries (C)I was adept,

And (D)under old (D7)overcoats (G)each night I slept




Way (G)back in the forties the (D)world it went mad

Mister (D7)Hitler threw at us every(G)thing that he had

When the smoke and dust had all (C)cleared from the air

"Thank (D)God" said the ald (D7)fella, "The (G)Pier Head's still there"




When (G)I grew up I met (D)Bridget McGann

she (D7)said "Your not much but I'm (G)needin a man"

"Well a want sixteen kids and an (C)'ouse out in Speke"

Well the (D)spirit was (D7)willing but the (G)flesh it was weak




There's a (G)place in dis city were the (D)nits de wear clogs

They've (D7)six millon kids and (G)ten million dogs

De play tick with hatchets and I'll (C)tell you no lie

A (D)man's a (D7)coward if he has (G)more than one eye.




The (G)Green and the Orange have (D)battled for years

They've (D7)given us some laughs and they've (G)given us some tears

But Scousers don't want a (C)heavenly reward

They (D)just want the (D7)Green Card to (G)get into Fords




The (G)Dockers Umbrella has (D)bitten the dust

You might (D7)buy a Meccanno, no (G)charge for the rust

Scottie Road is a legend now (C)past away

But you can (D)go down to (D7)Yateses and (G)drink all the day



The sheet music notes are included. Pete McGovern worked for British Rail for fourty two years and passed away 2006 aged 78. He said of the song. ''It's about himself and his love for Liverpool and it's people''
The band in the video are The Spinners. Use capo on the 4th fret if playing along with the video, which means you will be playing in the key of B

In My Liverpool Home Sheet Music


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