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The Hills Above Drumquin lyrics chords

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The Hills Above Drumquin Irish song lyrics and guitar chords. Written by Felix Kearney who was from the Drumquin area. The guitar chords for this lovely song were kindly provided by Marc Fahrbach.

For David Hammond’s version use capo on 1st fret


God (D)bless the (G)Hills of (D)Done(Em)gal, I've (G)heard your (D)praises sung,

In days long gone beyond re(G)call, when (Em)I was (Am)very (D)young,

Then I would pray to see a (G)day, be(Em)fore life's (Am)course is (D)run,

When I could (G)sing the (D)praises (Em)of the (G)hills above Drum(D)quin.


For I (D)love the (G)hills of (D)Dooish, (Em)be the (G)heather-clad or (D)lea,

The wooded Glens of Cooel, (G)and the (Em)Fort at (Am)Dun na (D)ree,

The green clad slopes of Kirlish, (G)when they (Em)meet the (Am)setting (D)sun,

Descending (G)in its (D)glory (Em)on the (G)hills above Drum(D)quin.


Drum(D)quin - you're (G)not a (D)city, (Em)but you're (G)all the world to (D)me,

Your lot I'll never pity, (G)should you (Em)never (Am)greater (D)be,

For I love you as I knew you, (G)when from (Em)school I (Am)used to (D)run,

On my homeward (G)journey (D)through you, (Em)to the (G)hills above Drum(D)quin.




I've (D)seen the (G)Scottish (D)Highlands, (Em)they have (G)beauty wild and (D)grand,

I have journeyed in the Lowlands, (G)it’s a (Em)cold and (Am)cheerless (D)land,

But I always toiled content, (G)for when (Em)each hard day's (Am)work was (D)done,

My heart went (G)back at (D)sunset, (Em)to the (G)hills above Drum(D)quin.


When the (D)whins a(G)cross Drum(D)barley, (Em)make the (G)fields a yellow (D)blaze,

When the heather turns to purple, (G)on my (Em)native (Am)Dressog (D)braes,

When the sandstone rocks of Clara(G)more, are (Em)glistening (Am)in the (D)sun,

Then nature's (G)at her (D)grandest, (Em)on the (G)hills above Drum(D)quin.


This (D)world is (G)sad and (D)dreary, (Em)and the (G)tasks of life are (D)sore,

My feet are growing weary, (G)I may (Em)never (Am)wander (D)more,

But I want to rest in Langfield, (G)when the (Em)sands of (Am)life are (D)run,

In the sheltering (G)shades of (D)Dooish, (Em)and the (G)hills above Drum(D)quin.


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