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The Galway Rebel Boys

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The Galway Rebel Boys Song Lyrics. The Wild Geese. 
Theese words are taken from a very old cassette recording of a marvelous folk group: The wild geese folk group ( flight 2) from galway: Some word or two may differ from origanal as t'was very hard to understand the poor quality of the cassette: Send to me by Patrick Burke. I don't know if the tune is original as I've never heard the song. If anybody has an mp3 can you send it to me please and we'll all have a listen.

Oh sean avich these hoards of men;
Where are they going to now:
Some have left their wifes and homes;
Horse yoke and plough:
This is an urgent task;
And fills my heart with fear:
Their men i know as well as you the’r;
Irish volunteers:

Their work is burden for fear;
Of a young man in his prime:
Not a great acomplishment;
For many’s a young man died:
Oh i’m going to join his gallant band:
And i’m going to now decide:
I’ll join my galway rebel boys;
In the town of athenry:

Sean avic oh sean agra dont leave:
Your native home:
For yer sisters three yer mother and me;
Will then be all alone:
Ah you were our one and chief support;
And now yer going away:
Which means the station at our door:
Approaching day by day:

Oh father dear dont tempt me now;
Or try to cloud my ears:
For i know my country’s calling;
When i hear my comrades cheer:
Oh i know my country’s calling;
And lots mabey may die:
But i’ll join my galway rebel boys;
In the town of athenry:

Great captain mellows has escaped;
He has faded in the tide:
He has gathered up his army
And made his home beneath the sky:
As just at last he recovers:
He is drafted all the way:
He got based ah to the midlands;
And last night got in a frey:

With bayonets fixed we meet them;
And with bright proud faces grand:
And we’ll never leave down our weapons;
T’ill we get their sum of command:
Oh our country needs his leadership;
And our lads mabey may die;
But i’ll join his galway rebel boys;
In the town of athenry:

Music to chorus
Oh sean avick theese hoards of men:
Where are they going to now;
While they leave their work undone:
Their homes horse and plough:
Son this is an urgent task;
It fills my heart with fear:
Ist men i know as well as you;
Ther’e irish volunteers.


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