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The Handsome Cabin Boy

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The Handsome Cabin Boy Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. 3/4 timing. A traditional song. Recorded by Sweeneys Men, Kath Bush and by Ewan McColl with A.LLoyd. The only instrument played in the video is a mandolin, mighty version. Chords by Marc.

It's (D)of a pretty female as (C)you may (G)under(D)stand,
Her mind being bent for ramb(C)ling in(G)to some (C)foreign (D)land.
She dressed herself in sailor's (C)clothes or (G)so it (C)does ap(D)pear,
And she hired with a captain to (C)serve him (G)for a (D)year.

The (D)captain's wife she being on board, she (C)seemed in (G)great (D)joy
To think her husband had en(C)gaged such a (G)handsome (C)cabin (D)boy.
And now and then she slipped him a (C)kiss, and she (G)would have (C)liked to (D)toy,
But it was the captain found out the secret of the (C)handsome (G)cabin (D)boy.

Her (D)cheeks they were like roses and her (C)hair all (G)in a (D)curl,
The sailors often smiled and (C)said, he (G)looks just (C)like a (D)girl.
But eating of the captain's (C)biscuit her (G)color (C)did des(D)troy
And the waist did swell of pretty Nell, the (C)handsome (G)cabin (D)boy.

It (D)was in the Bay of Biscay our (C)gallant (G)ship did (D)plough.
One night among the (C)sailors was a (G)fearful (C)flurryin' (D)row.
They tumbled from their hammocks (C)for their (G)sleep it (C)did (D)destroy
And they swore about the groaning of the (C)handsome (G)cabin (D)boy.

“Oh (D)doctor dear, oh doctor,” the (C)cabin (G)boy did (D)cry,
“Me time has come, I am un(C)done and (G)I shall (C)surely (D)die.”
The doctor came a-running (C)and (G)smiling (C)at the (D)fun,
To think a sailor lad should have a (C)daughter (G)or a (D)son.

The (D)sailors when they saw the joke, they (C)all did (G)stand and (D)stare.
The child belong to none of (C)them, they (G)solemn(C)ly did (D)swear.
And the captain's wife she says to (C)him, “My (G)dear I (C)wish you (D)joy,
For it's either you or I betrayed the (C)handsome (G)cabin (D)boy.”

So (D)each man took his drop of rum and he (C)drunk suc(G)cess to (D)trade,
And likewise to the cabin (C)boy who was (G)neither (C)man nor (D)maid.
It's hoping the wars don't rise a(C)gain, us (G)sailors (C)to de(D)stroy,
And here's hoping for a jolly lot more like the (C)handsome (G)cabin (D)boy.


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