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Jim Larkin lyrics and chords

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Jim Larkin Tramworkers Lyrics And Chords Pete St. John. Recorded by Paddy Reilly and by Charlie And The Bhoys This is one of my favorite Pete St. John songs , beautiful tune and a fine tribute to a great working man's hero.The second song on the right was written by Mick Kelly and uses the same tune. It's called ''We Need A Jim Larkin'' and is about how our country is been run into the ground by the government of Fine Gael and Labour. [Well Done Mick]

[D]Tramworkers of this[A] town re[A7]member[D] when
in 1913[A] things went[A7] bad a[D]gain.
How brave and strong we[G] all were on that [A7]day
when[D] Larkin led us[G] on our tireless[[D] way.

We[A] sang for Jim[A7] Larkin, through the[D]] pain there was[Bm] pride
and[A] sweet young[A7] Ellie by my[D] side.

From Stephen's Green we walked to Irishtown.
The summer sunshine framed her like a crown.
The strike was called and sorrow racked our town
but I had pride and loved young Ellie Brown.

For eight long months we starved, but held our ground.
Locked out in idle hell, but honour bound.
The winter cold went through her well worn gown.
As a Larkin man I married Ellie Brown.


The winter passed, but spring brought no relief,
for men can't stand to watch their children's grief.
Hunger stole our honour like a thief
so we drifted back to work on Murphy's breeze.

Then Larkin and his union showed the way.
James Connolly came later in the day.
Ellie bore me sons who live today
In a better land we earned the Larkin way.


James Larkin Union Leader Grave

This photo was taken by myself at the graveside of Jim Larkin at Glasnevin in Dublin.

History tells us how, in Dublin Town, 
In 1913 the tenements were falling down.
a strike was called and the lockout  soon began,
Jim Larkin led them out, a Union man.
We need a Jim Larkin, 
Who’ll stand with us with pride 
Now that Gilmore and Kenny are on  the Bankers side.
For eight long months they starved but held their ground.
But the cold and hunger it broke them, It wore them down.
One hundred years on and have things really changed at all
For your answer just ask the residents of Priory Hall.
Repeat Chorus:
Enda Kenny told us in a patronising way,
It’s not our fault, yet still we have to pay. (Truth is)
The rich must be paid so the poor can go to hell,
These are the orders that come from Frau Merkel.
Repeat Chorus:
Jim Larkin passed away many years ago,
It’s such a shame ‘cause now we need him so.
He’d turn o’er in his grave if he could see
What the greed of the Banker’s has done to you and me.

Chorus: ........................ the Bankers side.
Now that Gilmore and co have sold out the Labour Party.

Jim Larkin Dublin Lockout

This photo is of the fights between the R.I.C. and the strikers in Dublin. The R.I.C. later joined the striking workers.


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