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If You Still Had The Chance

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If You Still Had The Chance Lyrics And Chords-A tribute To Kevin Barry 

Words & Music Marc Patrick Fahrbach

 This song is a dedicated to young Kevin Gerard Barry, who bravely died by England’s hand on 1st November 1920 in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin for his convictions and loyalty to his country.


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Guitar Solo If You Still Had The Ch

1. So (G)now, Kevin (C)Barry, I stand (D7)here by your (G)grave

And (A7)wonder a(D)bout the young (A7)life that you (D)gave

As a (C)martyr for (D)Ireland, in the (Bm)old days of (Em)yore

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


2. When you (G)joined a ba(C)tallion of the (D7)Dublin Bri(G)gade

After (A7)schooldays and (D)rugby British (A7)rifles to (D)take.

You (C)swore to serve (D)Ireland with your (Bm)strengh and you (Em)gore 

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


3. When you (G)went out at (C)nigttime for a (D7)dance or a (G)jar

There to (A7)flirt with young (D)ladies and make (A7)friends at the (D)bar.

A (C)smart lad of (D)eighteen that whould (Bm)not reach a (Em)score

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


4. On a (G)bright September (C)morning, you marched (D7)out for a (G)raid

An (A7)exam planned for (D)midday, not a (A7)fight- but too (D)late!

Three (C)young Brits (D)lay dying near the (Bm)bakery (Em)door

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


5. Soldiers (G)caught you and (C)forced you for (D7)names them to (G)tell

But you (A7)were not a (D)traitor and (A7)sent them to (D)hell

So they (C)tortured you (D)cruelly, pressed you (Bm)down to the (Em)floor

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


6. You were (G)then charged in ab(C)sence by a (D7)court you’d re(G)fused

And con(A7)demned as a (D)murderer due to (A7)laws they a(D)bused.

For not (C)one fatal (D)bullet with (Bm)yours matched in (Em)bore

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


7. When they (G)showed you the (C)rope that would (D7)seal your sad (G)fate

You (A7)just replied (D)„Fine, this will (A7)carry my (D)weight!“

You’d be (C)hanged like a (D)criminal, not a (Bm)prisoner of (Em)war

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


8. When you (G)last met your (C)family, you (D7)begged not to (G)fuss

For what’s (A7)death for old (D)Erin, if the (A7)cause is won (D)thus.

Then you(C)walked to the (D)scaffold, brave as (Bm)few men be(Em)fore

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more?


9. When they (G)placed your dead (C)body in (D7)cold prison (G)clay

Until (A7)many years (D)later in a (A7)staged public (D)play

You were (C)moved to this (D)spot as a (Bm)man to (Em)adore

If you (C)still had the (G)chance, would you (C)do it once (D)more? -Dsus4-D


10. Well, you (G)won’t give an (C)answer so I’ll (D7)leave you  a(G)lone

Rest in (A7)peace with your (D)comrades - all nine (A7)names on this (D)stone!

Ireland’s (C)still not one (D)nation but you were (Bm)Irish to the (Em)core

Sure you’d (C)do what you (G)did and be for(D7)gotten no (G)more! -Dsus4-D


Note: For a key of C major change chords as follows: G=C, C=F, D7=G7, A7=D7, D=G, Bm=Em, Em=Am,

(Dsus4 (xx0233)=Gsus4 (320013): both chords are optional!)

For a shorter version have a try without verses 3, 9 and/or the first half of verse 6 and the second half of verse 7 combined to one new verse

kevin Barry

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If You Still Had The Chance Sheet Music

Marc Fahrbach

IF YOU STILL HAD THE CHANCE 6/8 A tribute To Kevin Barry


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