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Grace lyrics and guitar tab

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Grace Lyrics and chords, written by Sean And Frank O'Meara. Recorded by Jim McCann, The Dubliners and The Wolfe Tones, The tin whistle notes are included.

To play along with the Dubliner's and Jim McCann's version place a capo on the 3rd fret and play these chords.
As[G] we gather in the chapel here,in[C] old Kilmainham [D]jail,
I[C] think about the[G] last few weeks,Oh will they say we [Am]failed,
From our[G] school days they have told us we must [C]yearn for liber[D]ty,
Yet[C] all I want in[G] this dark place is to[D] have you here with[G] me.
Oh[D] Grace just hold me in your arms,and[C] let this moment[G] linger,
They[C] take me out at[G] dawn and[Am] I will[D] die,
With all my love I place this wedding[C] ring upon your [G]finger,
There[C] wont be time to[G] share our love so[D] we must say good[G]bye.
Now I know it's hard for you my love to ever understand,
The love I bear for these brave men my love for this brave land,
But wheb Padraic called me to his side down i  the G.P.O.
I had to leave my own sick bed,to him I had to go.
Key change for this verse
Now[A] as the dawn is breaking, my [D]heart is breaking [E]too
On [D]this May morn' as [A]I walk out, my [Bm]thoughts will be of [E]you
And I'll [A]write some words upon the wall so [D]everyone will [E]know
I [D]loved so much that [A]I could see His [E]Blood Upon The [A]Rose
Repeat Chorus.

Tom Clarke was a sorce of insprition in the Post Office
There was Joseph Plunket, pale and weak having come directly
from the hospital where he had just undergone an operation.Joseph was shot seated, as he was too ill to stand for the firing squad. He struggled to be with his comrades on that eventfulmorning. Margaret Skinnider said he looked like death and he met his death a few days later, not a natural one but a murderous one by firing squad. Jo was married to Grace Gifford at midnight just a few hours before his exicution in the little church beside Richmond Barracks.
She was the sister of Sean McDermot's wife.
The song tells the sad story of their wedding and has to
be one of the saddest songs of all time. Joseph Mary Plunkett had tuberculosis and was hospitalised
for that prior to Easter, the phrase, "the blood upon the rose" comes from one of Joseph's poems -- he was a Catholic mystic and poet. Grace Gifford was protestant and her parents did not much approve of the relationship.

Grace notes (Key of C)
 G E C C E G A A B C A F A C B
 G A B C A G C E E E D D E D
 G E C C E G C C B C A F A C B
 G A B C A G C  E G G G F E D C
 D' D' B G D G B E' D' C A A C A G
 C A B C A G C F E D
 D' D' B G D G B E' D' C A A C A G
 C A B C A G C E G G F E D C
Tin Whistle Notes
a f d f a d d c d b g b d c
a b c d b a d f f f e e f e
a f d f a d d c d b g b d c
a b c d b a d f a a g f e d

e e c a e a c f e d d b d b a
a b c d b a d f f f e e f e
e e c a e a c f e d d b d b a
d c b c d b a d f a a g f e d


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