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It It It And It Chords And Lyrics

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It It It And It Lyrics And Chords. 4/4 (Traditional German Craftsmen Song)
This is an English translation of the old German folk song Es, Es, Es Und Es and is supposed to capture the general spirit and the melodic rhythm of the original. The story is based on the old (but still practiced) tradtion of craftsmen to spent several years of their journeyman’s years of service on the tramp to collect experiences and perfect their skills. Due to strict rules they have to keep a minimum distance from their native hometowns and are not allowed to stay at a certain place for more than some months before they have to move on and find another employment somewhere else. The guitar chords are the work of Marc Fahrbach.

(C)It, (G)it, (C)it and (G)it, this (C)ending (G)it is (C)hard

For, (G)for, (C)for and (Am)for, from (C)Frankfurt (G)I must (C)part.

So I’ll banish Frankfurt (G)from my mind

And (Am)see what with God’s (G)help I’ll find

I’ll (C)join in (G)fortune’s (C)gam(Am)ble and (C)ra(G)mb(C)le


(C)He, (G)he, (C)he and (G)he, good (C)master, (G)fare thee (C)well

He, (G)he, (C)he and (Am)he, good (C)master, (G)fare thee (C)well

I frankly tell him (G)thanks a lot

But the (Am)work he gave me (G)pleased me not

I’ll (C)join in (G)fortune’s (C)gam(Am)ble and (C)ra(G)mb(C)le


(C)She, (G)she, (C)she and (G)she, good (C)mistress, (G)fare thee (C)well

She, (G)she, (C)she and (Am)she, good (C)mistress, (G)fare thee (C)well

I frankly tell her (G)thanks a lot

Though her (Am)stews and meat I (G)liked them not

I’ll (C)join in (G)fortune’s (C)gam(Am)ble and (C)ra(G)mb(C)le


(C)You, (G)you, (C)you and (G)you young (C)damsels, (G)fare thee (C)well

You, (G)you, (C)you and (Am)you young (C)damsels, (G)fare thee (C)well

Please wipe the tears out (G)from your face

Sure an(Am)other one will (G)take my place

I’ll (C)join in (G)fortune’s (C)gam(Am)ble and (C)ra(G)mb(C)le


(C)You, (G)you, (C)you and (G)you, dear (C)brothers, (G)fare thee (C)well

You, (G)you, (C)you and (Am)you, dear (C)brothers, (G)fare thee (C)well

Sorry, if I once caused (G)harm to you

Be (Am)sure I never (G)meant to do

I’ll (C)join in (G)fortune’s (C)gam(Am)ble and (C)ra(G)mb(C)le


German Original:


ES, ES, ES UND ES 4/4 (Traditionelles Handwerkerlied)


(C)Es, (G)es, (C)es und (G)es, es (C)ist ein (G)harter (C)Schluß,

weil, (G)weil, (C)weil und (Am)weil, weil (C)ich aus (G)Frankfurt (C)muß.

Drum schlag´ ich Frankfurt (G)aus dem Sinn

und (Am)wende mich, Gott (G)weiß wohin.

Ich (C)will mein (G)Glück prob(C)ieren(Am), mar(C)schi(G)e(C)ren.


(C)Er, (G)er, (C)er und (G)er, Herr (C)Meister, (G)leb er (C)wohl!

Er, (G)er, (C)er und (Am)er, Herr (C)Meister, (G)leb er (C)wohl!

Ich sags ihm grad frei (G)ins Gesicht,

seine (Am)Arbeit, die ge(G)fällt mir nicht.

Ich (C)will mein (G)Glück prob(C)ieren(Am), mar(C)schi(G)e(C)ren.


(C)Sie, (G)sie, (C)sie und (G)sie, Frau (C)Meist’rin, (G)leb sie (C)wohl!

Sie, (G)sie, (C)sie und (Am)sie, Frau (C)Meist’rin, (G)leb sie (C)wohl!

Ich sags ihr grad frei (G)ins Gesicht,

ihr (Am)Speck und Kraut, das (G)schmeckt mir nicht.

Ich (C)will mein (G)Glück prob(C)ieren(Am), mar(C)schi(G)e(C)ren.


(C)Ihr, (G)ihr, (C)ihr und (G)ihr, ihr (C)Jungfern, (G)lebet (C)wohl!

Ihr, (G)ihr, (C)ihr und (Am)ihr, ihr (C)Jungfern, (G)lebet (C)wohl!

Ich wünsche euch zu (G)guter Letzt

ein (Am)andern, der mein (G)Stell ersetzt.

Ich (C)will mein (G)Glück prob(C)ieren(Am), mar(C)schi(G)e(C)ren.


(C)Ihr, (G)ihr, (C)ihr und (G)ihr, ihr (C)Brüder, (G)lebet (C)wohl!

Ihr, (G)ihr, (C)ihr und (Am)ihr, ihr (C)Brüder, (G)lebet (C)wohl!

Hab ich euch was zu (G)Leid getan,

so (Am)bitt ich um Ver(G)zeihung an.

Ich (C)will mein (G)Glück prob(C)ieren(Am), mar(C)schi(G)e(C)ren.


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