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James Connolly The Citizen Army

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James Connolly / The Citizen Army Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. The Blarney Pilgrims. 4/4 music timing. Guitar work by Marc Fahrbach. A recent song by the Blarney Pilgrims and a fine tribute to one of Ireland's greatest patroits and hero's.

(Am)Marchin’ down Sackville Street starry plough  and (F)high

Here (C)comes the Citizen (G)Army, the (F)fist raised to the (G)sky

(Am)Leading them was a mighty man with a mad rage in his (F)eye

’My (C)name is James (G)Connolly, I (F)didn’t come here to (G)die.’



But to (F)fight for the rights of the workin’ class,  (C)the small farmer[G] too, (G)

To pro(Am)tect the prole(F)tariat from the (C)bosses and the (G)scrues

So (Am)hold on to your rifles, boys, don’t give up the (F)dream, -F-F-F-F

A re(C)public for the (G)working class, eco(F)nomic -F-F - (F)liber(C)ty


The (Am)chant was up all citizens, this system is a (F)curse

An (C)English boss a (G)bastard, an (F)Irishman even (G)worse

They’ll (Am)never lock us out again and here’s the reason (F)why

’My (C)name is James (G)Connolly, I (F)didn’t come here to (G)die.’



Bridge: Am-Am-C-G Am-Am-C-G   C-G-C-G   C-G-F-F (2x)


Now (Am)over in the GPO the bullets wizzing (F)by

With (C)Pearse and Sean Mac (G)Diarmada (F)biddin’ each other good(G)bye

Up (Am)steps our citizen leader and he rose into the (F)sky

’My (C)name is James (G)Connolly, I (F)didn’t come here to (G)die.’


Chorus + Bridge


He (Am)brought them to a stand-still and the flames lit up the (F)sky

Til a (C)bullet pierced our (G)leader and (F)we gave up the (G)fight

They (Am)shot him in Kilmainham Jail, it will never stopp his (F)cry

’My (C)name is James (G)Connolly, I (F)didn’t come here to (G)die.’




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