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The Little Isle Of Green

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The Little Isle Of Green Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Recorded by Barley Bree. Also by The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem, John Kelly and Theresa Rogers. Irish / folk.

Intro: F-C-Am-G-C
I've (C)travelled all a(Am)round this world and (F)many sights I've (C)seen
But (F)still my mind kept (C)turning (Am)to the (Dm)little isle of (G)Green.
Where the (C)mountains rise in (Am)splender and the (F)peaceful rivers (G)ran.
And I (F)think that I'll re(C)turn there when my (Am)rambling (G)days are (C)done.

So (C)follow where the (Em)breezes blow, a (F)welcome meets you (C)there,
And (F)wonder where the (C)heather can be (Dm)seen,(G)
It's (C)there you'll find you're (Am)hearts content with (F)music every(Em)where.
In (Dm)summer on that (G)little isle of (C)Green.

When you (C)travel on you're (Am)by-ways from (F)Antrim to the (C)South,
You'll (F)find that people (C)there will (Am)share the (Dm)last bite in their (G)mouths.
For to (C)them you are no (Am)stranger just a (F)friend they haven’t (G)met.
And (F)when they take you (C)by the hand they (Am)never (G)will for(C)get.

Now the (C)Ulster man will (Am)take your hand and (F)make you welcome (C)there,
The (F)western folk are (C)decent (Am)folk and (Dm)kindness will not (G)spare.
In (C)Leinster you'll be (Am)treated to the (F)best of every (G)thing.
The (F)welcome down in (C)Munster will be (Am)fit for (G)any (C)king.

No (C)matter where you (Am)wonder be it (F)North South East or (C)West.
They'll (F)offer you a (C)friendly (Am)glass and (Dm)treat you to the (G)best.
So (C)put a spurt in(Am)to your step the (F)welcome mat is (G)down,
The (F)days are warm and (C)nights are short and (Am)summer's (G)comming (C)'round.


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