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The Millennium Marya

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The millennium marya lyrics by Derek Warfield [ ex Wolfe Tones] On the third Information to An cailin deas isolde Means the pretty girl isolde Of the old celtic saga tristan and isolde: Said to be from Chapelizod in Dublin: St.Maelrvain was a monk scholar of the 8th centuary: From the wonderfull derek warfield cd Legacy shanachie music.

The millennium marya
Come by and i’ll tell you a story
And i’ts one that’s hard to beat
Of the cities of old ireland
Which have the oldest streets
 Cork they say eight hundred
Galway’s a younger five
And dublin town’s a thousand
That’s all mollys been alive
But someone’s pulled a fast one
And been drinking too much beer
Or could it be that molly dear
You’re trying to hide
 Your years
What happened to eblana
Did it slide into the bog
When mr ptolemy he put it in his log:

Come all you jacks and mollys
They’re all codding us ye know
When they say that dublin city
Was just a thousand on the go
For we know that by the liffey
Had a thriving little town
Before those bleeding vikings came to push
their way around:

When Patrick came to ireland
To bapitize the jacks and preach
Was he talking to himself my lads
He rambled up our streets
When Tristan came from Germany
To get himself a mot
An cailin deas isolde
The only one we’d got
And Cormac had his army
And he sat on tara’s thron
Fionn Mac Cool he went
To school
And dublin was his home
The kerry man st. Brendan
A sailor hard to beat
T’was in the bay of dublin
He learned to rig the sheets
(chorus as above)

The northmen were no ejets
When they came to look for gold
For they knew that by the liffey
There was wealth for young and old
Turgesius the viking
He plundered all he saw
Made enormous contributions
To our letters and the law
If all the scribes of ireland
Sat down to write for life
It would just relace a thimble
Full of what was burned in strife
For i may live to see the day
When Italy and rome
Will credit i’ts foundation
To attila and the huns

(chorus as above)
So here’s to howth and Crumlin
And Tallaght on the hill
Of the letters and of learning
Ath Cliath had ist fill
St.Mealrvain up in tallaght
Had books to beat the band
And the saints of all of dublin
Wouldn’t fit on 20 hands
Oh dublin town we love you
And give you lots of names
And on your royal pedigree
There’s many would lay claim
Your part of dear old ireland
And got a style unique
Tradition that is older
Than egypt, rome, or greece Last
chorus as above
Sung twice and fadeing away In the distance
On the third .


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