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Land Of Green lyrics and chords

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THE LAND OF GREEN 4/4 The Coalminer’s Beat, 1993 It was written by a former German Irish-Folk-band named 'The Caolminer's Beat' and was a big hit here  Germany in the mid-ninetenn-nineties, the guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach.

Violin Intro

Violin, Drums & Guitar Intro: Am-Am-Am-Am C-C-Em-Em 4x, then Am


I was (Am)sitting in a station bar (C)somewhere in A(Em)merica, (Am)

When an (C)old man came to (G)me.

He (Am)said "Can I sit next to you?", and (C)I had nothing (Em)else to do (Am)

So he sat (C)down and drank his (G)beer. – hey!


Bridge 1: Am-Am-Am-Am C-C-Em-Em 2x


He (Am)told me 'bout the rocks and hills, a(C)bout the autumn (Em)and its chill (Am)

About the (C)valleys and the (G)rain.

And (Am)then he spoke of former times, a(C)bout his children (Em)and his wife (Am)

And a(C)bout what yet re(G)mained.


(Am)Suddenly he (G)said: "My son,

(Am)Do you know the (G)land, where I've come from?", and he asked



(Am)Do you know the (G)land of green(Em), its rough and (F)stormy sea,

(Am)Do you know the (G)island of the (Em)rain? (F)

(Am)Do you know the (G)land of green(Em), it's wonderous (F)scenery,

(Am)Do you know the (G)island of the (Em)rain? (F)


Bridge 1: Am-Am-Am-Am C-C-Em-Em 2x


(Am)Many of us had left their homes, (C)never felt the (Em)westwind blow a(Am)gain,

He (C)said with lonely (G)eyes.

They (Am)once had worked upon the land, that (C)now is in some (Em)strangers hands (Am)

He (C)said with angry e(G)yes.


The (Am)more he spoke, the (G)more he drank,

The (Am)more he kept on (G)telling 'bout his land, and he said.



Bridge 2: Am-Am-Am-Em       Am-Am-C-Am

(Alternatively use Bridge 1 another time)


Even (Am)though the bar was full of noise, the (C)man began to (Em)lower his voice. (Am)

He (C)stood up without a (G)word.

Al(Am)though it is five years ago I (C)swear that I e(Em)xactly know (Am)

Every (C)word that he had (G)said


I (Am)still can see his (G)trembling hands,

(Am)As he told the (G)story 'bout his land


(Optional: E-Guitar Riff & Drum Part - Hey!)


Chorus twice

The (F)land (G)of (Am)green


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