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Lily Of The West

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Lily of the West – Traditional Irish.  Lyrics and guitar chords alterations by David Fink.  (video clip by Mark Knopfler and The Chieftains. Everybody knows about Mark Knopfler being the guitarist and singer with Dire Straits but did you ever wonder how he got into the Irish music ? well the story goes that he was on holiday in Donegal and came upon a traditional Irish music session in a pub, as Marc was a rocker he wouldn't normally be mixing with folkies so trad. music was all new to him, he was amazed at the speed the musicians could play, he thought he was good 'till he seen these boys play fiddle and banjo at breakneck speed. From that session he got hooked on folk music and has since recorded many Irish songs. There you go, you learn something new everyday.

When (C)first I came to (G)Done(C)gal some (Am)pleasure (F/G)for to (C)find (F)
It's (C)there I (G/B)spied a (Am)damsel (Em)fair, was (C)pleasing to my (F)mind
Her (C)rosy (G/B)cheeks and (Am)sparkling (Em)eyes like (C)arrows pierced my (F)breast
And the (C)name she bore was (G)Molly (C)O', the (Am)lily (F/G)of the (Csus)west (C)

I (C)courted lovely (G)Molly (C)O’, the (Am)cailin (F/G)soft and (C)fine (F)
But she (C)turned on(G/B)to an(Am)other (Em)man, which (C)sore distressed my (F)mind
She (C)robbed me (G/B)of my (Am)liber(Em)ty, de(C)prived me of my (F)rest
Then (C)go my lovely (G)Molly (C)O’, the (Am)lily (F/G)of the (Csus)west (C)

One (C)day as I was (G)walking (C)down all (Am)by a (F/G)shady (C)grove (F)
I (C)spied a (G/B)fancy (Am)English (Em)lord con(C)versing with my (F)love
As she (C)sang the (G/B)song de(Am)lightful(Em)ly while (C)I was sore op(F)pressed
I (C)was betrayed by (G)Molly (C)O', the (Am)lily (F/G)of the (Csus)west (C)

I (C)stepped up to my (G)ri(C)val, my (Am)dagger (F/G)in my (C)hand (F)
And I (C)dragged the (G/B)Brit from (Am)my false (Em)love and (C)boldly bade him (F)stand
But (C)being (G/B)mad with (Am)desper(Em)ation I (C)stabbed him in his (F)breast
I was (C)then deceived by (G)Molly (C)O', the (Am)lily (F/G)of the (Csus)west (C)

I (C)then did shortly (G)stand my (C)trial, and (Am)boldly (F/G)I did (C)plead (F)
A (C)flaw was (G/B)in my in(Am)dictment (Em)found and (C)that soon had me (F)freed
That (C)beauty (G/B)bright I (Am)did a(Em)dore, the (C)judge did her ad(F)dress
Now (C)go, you faithless (G)Molly (C)O', the (Am)lily (F/G)of the (Csus)west (C)

Now (C)that I've gained my (G)liber(C)ty a-(Am)rovin' (F/G)I will (C)be (F)
I’ll (C)ramble (G/B)through old (Am)Ire(Em)land my (C)country brave and (F)free
Though she (C)thought to (G/B)swear my (Am)life a(Em)way she (C)still disturbs my (F)rest,
I (C)yet must style her, (G)Molly (C)O', the (Am)lily (F/G)of the (Csus)west. (C)


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