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MISSING GALWAY Lyrics And Chords 4/4 (Don Stiffe) (Use capo on 4th fret) Written by Don Stiffe and a request for Darragh. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach. Also recorded by Patrick Feeney.

It’s (D)hard to settle (Bm)down at first when you (G)go away from (Em)home

And the (A)people that you left behind  your (G)heart is surely (D)torn

I remember people (Bm)sayin’ to me just (G)try it while you’re (Em)young

If you (A)don’t like it over there back (G)home you can always (D)come


And (D)all that I brought (Bm)with me was a (G)bag and my gui(Em)tar 

Just (A)wanted to do the same as home  just (G)play in all the (D)bars

Well it wasn’t like the (Bm)Lisheen or the (G)pubs up in Clon(Em)bur

But the (A)people here in Boston like to (G)make you feel as if it (D)were



(G)People say in (A)time you get a (D)job and you settle (Bm)down

But there’s (G)always something (Em)in my mind saying (G)this is not my (A)town

Each (G)mornin’ when I (Em)wake up and I (D)start a brand new (Bm)day 

I look (G)forward to (Em)going back to (A)Galway.


(D)People say that (Bm)Boston is just (G)one big Irish (Em)town

You (A)meet them there from Galway, Cork from (G)Meath and Carrow(D)town

Well its great to meet your (Bm)friends out there but (G)sometimes it’s so (Em)sad

To (A)think they had to leave their homes cause the (G)work back there was (D)bad


(D)We went to the (Bm)soccer they're (G)stone-mad over (Em)there

And when (A)Ireland plays a match we all go (G)crazy on the (D)beer

On the big screen in the (Bm)Blackhorn that’s my (G)local bar round (Em)there

(A)Big Jack and the lads in green they’re (G)also drinkin’ (D)there



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