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Mount Massey The Flower Of Macroom

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Mount Massey The Flower Of Macroom Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. The most famous recording was done by Sean Dunphy. Macroom is in Co. Cork. There's a key change in this one between verse 2 and three. It's optional but adds to the song to make it more intresting.

Intro: E-E7-A-A
How I (A)long to re(D)member those (E)bright days of yore,
Which sweetly with (E7)joy I be(A)guiled
The friends that fre(D)quented my (E)old cabin floor
And the comrades I (E7)loved as a (A)child
How I longed for to (D)roam, by Mount (E)Massey's green groves,
Or poach by the (E7)light of the (A)moon
That spot of my (D)birth, there's (E)no place on earth
Like Mount Massey, the (E7)flower of Ma(A)croom.

Bridge: E-E7-A-A
In the (A)sweet summer (D)time, when the (E)season was fine
What fun would be (E7)there at the (A)gate,
The colleens would (D)smile as they (E)sat on the stile
While the sweethearts their (E7)love tales re(A)late
When dancing was (D)over, we'd (E)stroll thru the park
Each lad with his (E7)lassie in (A)bloom,
That spot of my (D)birth, there's (E)no place on earth
Like Mount Massey, the (E7)flower of Ma(A)croom.

Bridge: E-E7-A-A
Change of key (fully optional, otherwise stick to chords above)
For (C)now I must (F)roam, from my (G)own native home,
And cross o’er the (G7)wild raging (C)sea,
To leave friends be(F)hind both (G)loving and kind
And the colleens who (G7)dearly loved (C)me
Though fortune may (F)smile far a(G)way from our isle
I'll pray that the (G7)day will come (C)soon
When I'll stray once a(F)gain, by the (G)lovely domain
Mount Massey, the (G7)flower of Ma(C)croom.

Bridge: G-G7-C-C
So (C)friends come with (F)me and tis (G)there you will see
The apples and (G7)cherries in (C)bloom
And tis you I'll in(F)vite, where I (G)first saw the light
In Mount Massey, the (G7)flower of Ma(C)croom.


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