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Mary And The Soldier Lyrics Chords

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Paul Brady - Mary And The Soldier lyrics and guitar chords, 4/4 A traditional song-Guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach. For Paul Brady version use capo on the first fret


Come [G]all you lads of high renown

That will hear of a [D7]fair young [G]maiden
[Alt: On the lofty mountains far away,

there dwells a comely maiden]
And she roved out on a [C]summer's [G]day

For to view the [D7]soldier's pa[G]rading

They march so bold and they [C]look so [G]gay[D7],

The [Em]colours flyin' and the [C]bands did [D7]play
And it [G]caused young [Em]Mary [C]for to [D7]say,

 I'll [G]wed you me [D7]gallant [G]soldier"


She [G]viewed the soldiers on parade

And as they [D7]stood at their [G]leisure
Young Mary to her[C]self did [G]say:

"At last I [D7]found my [G]treasure

But oh how cruel my [C]parents must [G]be[D7]

To [Em]banish my darlin' so [C]far from [D7]me
Well I'll [G]leave them [Em]all and I'll [C]go with [D7]thee

Me [G]bold un[D7]doubted [G]soldier"


"Oh [G]Mary dear, your parents' love,

I pray don't [D7]be un[G]ruly 
For when you're in a [C]foreign [G]land,

Believe me you'll [D7]rue it [G]surely

Perhaps in battle [C]I might [G]fall[D7]

From a [Em]shot from an angry [C]cannon[D7]ball
And [G]you so [Em]far from your [C]daddy's [D7]hall

Be ad[G]vised by a [D7]gallant [G]soldier."


"Oh I have [G]fifty guineas [n my coat,

Likewise a [D7]heart that's [G]bolder
And I'd leave them all and I'd [C]go with [G]you

Me bold un[D7]daunted [G]soldier

So don't say no but [C]let me [G]go[D7]

And [Em]I will face the [C]daring [D7]foe
And we'll [G]march to[Em]gether [C]to and [D7]fro

And I'll [G]wed you, my [D7]gallant [G]soldier"


And [G]when he saw her loyalty

And Mary [D7]so true-[G]hearted
He said: "Me darling, [C]married we'll [G]be,

And nothing but [D7]death will [G]part us

And when we're in a [C]foreign [G]land[D7]

I'll [Em]guard you, darling, with [C]my right [D7]hand
And [G]hopes that [Em]God might [C]stand a [D7]friend

To [G]Mary and her [D7]gallant [G]soldier"

Paul Brady made this one his own, Paul was born in 1947 in the County of Tyrone in Ireland. Around 1967 he joined up with The Johnstones folk group from Slane Co. Meath. He then joined Planxty in 1974 and along with Andy Irvine they realesed their first album Andy Irvine And Paul Brady which was one of the most famous albums of the 1970s. This album is one in which the guitar really makes it into the traditional music scene, Paul Brady was and still is one of the finest acustic players in the world. He's unique in the use of short runs of melody and harmony. Paul is also a master of playing lead melody along with other instruments such as the fuddle and uilleann pipes.


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