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Leaving Enniskillen

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Leaving Enniskellen Song Lyrics By The Barleycorn. This is from the album The Best Of The Barleycorn and was released in 2007 as a box set. The late great Derek McCormack was the singer and also played Bass guitar, Paddy Sweeney was on guitar and vocals, Dennis O'Rourke played the fiddle and Maurice McCarthy also played the fiddle and recorder. This box set has all the greatest hit songs of The Barleycorn including Cavan Girl and My Last Farewell. This was the ''New Barleycorn'' and didn't include many of the older tracks that were written by Paddy McGuigan when he was a member of the band. The New Barleycorn were more focused on easy listening folk songs rather than the rebel songs that were a big part of their set list in the early days of the original group.

I am going over yonder, on this lonesome road again.
And my hear is torn asunder, wishing only to remain.

I am leaving Enniskillen, my roots are stretched and torn.
And I hope some day God willing, I'll return.

I will always hear you calling, as in far off lands I go.
I will hear lake water falling, on my own Lough Eirn shore.
Memories of Enniskellen, will linger when I'm gone.
And I hope some day God willing I'll return.

I am leaving Enniskillen, my roots are stretched and torn.
And I hope some day God willing, I'll return.

And some day I'll find a fortune, build a cottage on a hill.
On a summer's evening listen, to a Curlew break the still.
I'll return to Enniskellen, when Autumn leaves are 'round.
Until then my mind will dwell in that old town.


For The Barlycorn version use a capo on the 5th fret
Intro: C-F-G-G7   F-(G-G7)-C-C
I am (C)going (Dm)over (G)yonder(G7),
On this (C)lonesome (F)road a(G)gain.(G7)
And my (C)heart is (Dm)torn a(G)sunder,(G7)
Wishing (C)only (Dm)to re(G)main.(G7)

I am (Am)leaving (Em)Ennis(F)killen,
My (G)roots are (G7)stretched and (C)torn.
And I (C)hope some (Dm)day God (G)willing,(G7)
I'll re(F)turn. -(G-G7)-C-C

I will (C)always (Dm)hear you (G)calling,(G7)
As in (C)far off (F)lands I (G)go.(G7)
I will (C)hear lake (Dm)water (G)falling,(G7)
On my (C)own Lough (Dm)Eirn (G)shore.(G7)

Memo(Am)ries of (Em)Ennis(F)killen,
Will (G)linger (G7)when I'm (C)gone.
And I (C)hope some (Dm)day God (G)willing,(G7)
I'll re(F)turn. -(G-G7)-C-C

Bridge: play one instrumental verse

I am (Am)leaving (Em)Ennis(F)killen,
My (G)roots are (G7)stretched and (C)torn.
And I (C)hope some (Dm)day God (G)willing,(G7)
I'll re(F)turn. -(G-G7)-C-C

And some (C)day I'll (Dm)find a (G)fortune,(G7)
Build a (C)cottage (F)on a (G)hill.(G7)
On a (C)summer's (Dm)evening (G)listen,(G7)
To a (C)Curlew (Dm)break the (G)still.(G7)

I'll re(Am)turn to (Em)Ennis(F)killen,
When (G)Autumn (G7)leaves are (C)'round.
Until (C)then my (Dm)mind will (G)dwell in
(G7)That old (F)town. -(G-G7)-C-C
Outro: C-F-G-G7   F-(G-G7)-C-(F-G7)-C


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