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Lullaby To Heaven Lyrics And Chords

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Lullaby To Heaven Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords.this song is a Phoenix song written by Tommy Creaney and Sean Creaney ( Phoenix )  Recorded by Justice, Clan Carney, Padraig Mor [ Ex Shebeen] Guitar chords by Marc.

Intro: G-C-C-D-D   G-G-Em-Em   C-C-D-D   G-D-G-G
In [G]Ireland’s fight for [C]freedom many men have [G]fallen -Em-Am-G
Their lifes given [Em]proudly for the [D]cause –D-D7-D
Those [G]gallant lifes [C]given for their [G]country -Em-Am-G
And to [G]you now their [D]story I will [G]tell -D-G-G

Won’t you [C]sing them a [D]song
Sing a [G]lullaby to [Em]heaven
[C]Let your comrades [D]all (know) you under[G]stand
Won’t you [C]sing them a [D]song
Sing a [G]lullaby to [Em]heaven
[C]Let our lads and [D]lassies all sing a[G]long -D-G-G
(That our lads and lassies will sing along)

Re[G]member Peter [C]Cleary and Fergal Cara[G]her -Em-Am-G
Both were murdered by the [Em]forces of the [D]crown –D-D7-D
We’ll [G]speak with pride of Jim [C]Lochrie and Sean [G]Campbell -Em-Am-G
In [G]South Armagh these [D]gallant men did [G]dwell -D-G-G

In [G]North Armagh re[C]member McIl[G]venna, -Em-Am-G
Crossey, Burns, [Em]Toman and Mc[D]Kerr –D-D7-D
And [G]from Tyrone Mc[C]Kearney, Cauly and [G]Caughy -Em-Am-G
Mc[G]Nally, Ryan, [D]Tony Doris,[G] too -D-G-G

Re[G]member Pat  [C]Kelly and Jim [G]Bryson, -Em-Am-G
Skipper Burns, Sean [Em]Savage and Billy [D]Reid –D-D7-D
These [G]men all hail from the [C]gallant Belfast ba[G]ttalion -Em-Am-G
So [G]many more I [D]cannot them all [G]name -D-G-G
Let’s [G]not forget the [C]girls who died for [G]Ireland -Em-Am-G
Petticrew, Fitz[Em]Simmons and Mairie [D]Drumm –D-D7-D
From[G]Portadown came [C]young Julie [G]Dougan -Em-Am-G
[G]Mairead Farrell in Gi[D]braltar made her [G]stand -D-G-G

In Ireland’s fight for freedom many men have fallen
Their lifes given proudly for the cause
Those gallant lifes given for their country
And to you now their story I will tell

Won’t you sing them a song
Sing a lullaby to heaven
Let your comrades all (know) you understand
Won’t you sing them a song
Sing a lullaby to heaven
Let our lads and lassies all sing along
(That our lads and lassies will sing along)

Remember Peter Cleary and Fergal Caraher
Both were murdered by the forces of the crown
We’ll speak with pride of Jim Lochrie and Sean Campbell 
In South Armagh these gallant men did dwell

In North Armagh remember McIlvenna,
Crossey, Burns, Toman and McKerr
And from Tyrone McKearney, Cauly and Caughy
McNally, Ryan, Tony Doris, too

Remember Pat  Kelly and Jim Bryson,
Skipper Burns, Sean Savage and Billy Reid
These men all hail from the gallant Belfast battalion
So many more I cannot them all name
Let’s not forget the girls who died for Ireland
Petticrew, FitzSimmons and Mairie Drumm
From Portadown came young Julie Dougan
Mairead Farrell in Gibraltar made her stand


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