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The Lidl Song

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The Lidl Song Lyrics By Andy Conway. This song pokes a bit of fun at the German Discount shop Lidl. It's a great little song and very well written.

I've been shopping in Dunnes Stores now all me life,
But suddenly walks in my lovely wife.
We haven't gat a drop of milk now
and the rent man's on his way,
I got me hair washed cut and blow dried
so we've no funds left today.

We'll go to Lidi, Lidi, whatever the feck it's called
We'll go to Lidi, Lidi, the prices say it all,
I got a pair of shoes an anorak scuba gear
chicken nuggets satellite T.V.
I got the whole back garden decked out for 14.43.
I forgot the milk, and she'll f###king kill me.

Every month the magazine comes out,
from camping gear to brand new German stout.
Me mother wont touch the meat
She thinks its odd and the father's wearing Lycra,
just to walk the fecking dog.

We'll go to Lidi, Lidi, whatever the feck it's called
We'll go to Lidi, Lidi, the prices say it all,
I got a lawnmower, vollyball laptop dartboard
a box of Hitler tea, I have the Christing fecking sorted
with enofe for J.R.B's , I forgot the milk.

Now me shopping's less that 20 quid,
Cheap auld Mars bars take up half me fridge,
The Tayto's still crap, we'll forgive them for that.
The vodka almost kills you with a [ save ? ]

We'll go to Lidi, Lidi, whatever the feck it's called
We'll go to Lidi, Lidi, the prices say it all,
I got a weighing scales beach towel head torch
and a foot spa for herself.
I got a little German midget to come home and wash the delph,
I forgot the milk, I forgot the milk, cheers.

The Lidl Aldi Song Lyrics. Written and recorded by Mick McConnell about the German stores. Mick says he wrote this song after his wife was sick and he had to do the daily shopping himself. After a couple of weeks he ended up with a shed full of kinds of power tools and d.i.y stuff he never intended to buy. You see Micky isn't much good at the auld d.i.y. around the house. By the way if you didn't already know, it was Mick who wrote that famous ballad ''Only Our Rivers Run Free'' many moons ago.

Ballad Of Lidl Aldi Song Lyrics


The two songs above are not the only  songs written about this shop. These are just the Irish written songs.  Afrikan Boy from England and who hales from Nigeria had a hit with the song ''One Day I Went To Lidl and has received a couple of million hits on youtube.


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