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The Liar Song Lyrics And Chords

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The Liar Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Tommy Makem.

For Tommy Makem’s version use capo on 3rd fret to change key to F mayor.[Bm an optional chord]  Guitar chords by Marc. Written by a real craftsman, God only knows what was going through Tommy's head while writing this one-Brilliant Song. [It's The Truth I'm Known As A Liar]

I was (D)born about ten thousand years a(A)go
In Bellmullet in the County of Ma(D)yo
It was (G)me that chased the vermin, while St. (D)Patrick preached the (Bm)sermon
And I'll (A)whoop the man that says it isn't (D)so

Singing (D)rightful too-ra-laddie too-ra-(A)lee
There is no one who can tell a lie like (D)me
You can (G)search until you tire, you won't (D)find a bigger (Bm)liar
I've been (A)lying since the dawn of histo(D)ry

I saw (D)Eve go pickin' apples off a (A)tree
She came over and she offered one to (D)me
I (G)turned and said, "Dear madam, go (D)try your luck with (Bm)Adam
I'm going (A)home to have some fish and chips and (D)tea."


I saw (D)Delilah cuttin' Samson's (A)hair
She snipped away until his head was (D)bare
When he (G)couldn't run away, well she (D)married him next (Bm)day
And they (A)opened a barber shop in (D)Clare


With King (D)Billy at the Boyne I heard them (A)call
On his followers to follow till they (D)fall
Then he (G)said, "We'll win quite easy, and we'll (D)canonize, young (Bm)Paisley."
Then he (A)up and sang a verse of Derry's (D)Walls


(Optional verses, not used in the Makem version)
In was (D)back in sixty-two in Dono(A)ghue's
I was singing there with Luke and Ronnie (D)Drew
Luke sez, (G)'Nick your singing's grand, so let's(D)form a ballad (Bm)band
And a (A)great big hairy beard I went and (D)grew

Oh I'd like ride your sister's motor bike I'd like ride your sister's motor bike
I'd like ride your sister,  I'd like ride your sister I'd like ride your sister's motor bike

Would you (D)like to ride on Johnson's Motor (A)Car
would you like to ride on Johnson's Motor (D)Car
Would you (G)like to ride on Johnson, would you (D)like to ride on (Bm)Johnson’s
Would you (A)like to ride on Johnson's Motor (D)Car 


It was (D)during World War II I met them (A)all
There was Roosevelt and Churchill and De (D)Gaulle
Then one (G)day I nearly fainted, I was (D)having my house (Bm)painted
There was (A)Hitler hanging paper in the (D)hall

Chorus twice


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