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My Father's Gun lyrics chords

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My Father's Gun Lyrics And Chords, written by Joe English, guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach, the video is of Irish Republican Army. Also recorded by David Kincaid, the tune of the song is from an old Irish tune by P.J. Joyce's ''Paddy's Wedding'' 1909.

Intro:    Am-Am-Em-Em-Am-C-G-Em-Am-Am-G-G-Em-Em-Am-Am-Break-Break-


Come, [Am]listen now, I'll [Em]tell you how
I [Am]came to [C]leave Kil[G]larney, [Em]O,
I'm [Am]one of the boys that [G]fears no noise,
And me [Em]name is Paddy [Am]Kearney, O;
My [C]father's [G]name it [Am]was the same
And my grandfather be[G]fore him, O!
He [Am]carried this gun in [Em]ninety-eight
When the [Am]green flag [C]floated [G]o'er him, O.


Then, [Am]O, what fun to [G] them run,
And to [Em]leave a name in [Am]story, O!  (Break)
With my [C]father's [G]gun I'll [Am]follow the drum,
And fight my [G]way to glory, O.



When my [Am]father died, to [Em]his bedside
He[Am] called me[C]self, so [G]clever, [Em]O!
Says [Am]he, "My son, now [G]take this gun,
And [Em]guard it well for[Am]ever, O;"
But the [C]dirty [G]laws soon [Am]clapped their paws

On me, the dirty [G]blaggards, O!
So [Am]faith one day, I [Em]sailed away
To the [Am]land of [C]Yankee [G]Doodle, O!


One Verse + One Chorus instrumental


When the [Am]rebels raised a [Em]hubbuboo,
And of [Am]Sumter [C]took po[G]ssession, [Em]O,
In[Am]stead of our flag, they [G]raised a rag-
The [Em]standard of se[Am]cession, O;
It's [C]then I [G]joined the [Am]"69th,"
My father's gun to [G]shoulder, O!
For [Am]meself, you know, can [Em]slaugther the foe-
A [Am]devil a [C]one is [G]boulder, O!




I [Am]'listed then with [Em]Meagher's men,
The [Am]rebel [C]spalpeens [G]shooting, [Em]O,
In the [Am]bold brigade I'm [G]Sergeant made,
So [Em]here I'm back re[Am]cruiting, O;
Then [C]boys step [G]out, the [Am]foe to rout;
I'll lead you on to [G]glory, O,
And [Am]if you're killed, and your [Em]blood is spilt,
Your [Am]name will [C]live in [G]story, O!


One Verse+ One Chorus instrumental


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