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The Longford Weaver Lyrics + Guitar Chords

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The Longford Weaver Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 Andy Irvine & Mick Hanly, recorded by Paddy Reilly with guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach.

These five long [D]quarters I have been weaving
And [G]for my [D]weaving I was paid [G]down.
I bought a [D]shirt in the foremost fashion,
All [G]for to [D]walk up thro' [A]Longford [D]town.
I walked [G]up and thro' [Em]Longford [A]city,
Where [G]Nancy's [D]Whiskey I chanced to [G]smell.
I [D]thought it fun for to go and taste it,
These [G]five long [D]quarters I've [A]liked it [D]well.

I entered [D]into a little alehouse
Begged [G]Nancy's [D]pardon for making [G]free
And Nancy [D]met me at every corner,
You're [G]hearty [D]welcome, young [A]man, says [D]she.
We both sat [G]down at a [Em]little [A]table,
We [G]looked at [D]each other a little [G]while,
We both sat [D]down at a little table
And [G]Nancy's [D]whiskey it did [A]me be[D]guile.

I found me[D]self then in a little parlour,
I [G]found me[D]self then in a little [G]bed,
I tried to [D]rise, but I was not able
For [G]Nancy's [D]whiskey it held [A]down me [D]head.
When I a[G]rose, aye, the [Em]following [A]morning,
I [G]asked the [D]reckoning I had to [G]pay.
It's fifteen [D]shillings for ale and porter,
Come [G]pay it [D]quickly now and [A]get a[D]way.

I put my [D]hand all in me pocket

The [G]ready [D]money I laid it [G]down,

It’s fifteen [D]shillings for ale and porter,

And [G]all re[D]maining was a [A]half o’ a [D]crown.

Well I looked [G]up and looked [Em]down the [A]window

Where [G]there a [D]fair maiden chanced to [G]spy,

I called her [D]in we spent two and two pints

And [G]all re[D]maining was a [A]crocked [D]bye.

I put the [D]moneys upon the table
Saying I'll [G]leave this [D]money out with the [G]rest
And I'll drink a [D]health to every young man
And [G]the wee [D]lassie that [A]I love [D]best.
And I'll go [G]home, I'll be[Em]gin me [A]weaving,
I'll [G]steer me [D]shuttle another [G]while,
And [D]if I live through another season,
It's [G]
Nancy's [D]whiskey will not [A]me be[D]guile

Longford Weaver Guitar Chords


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