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The Mountains Of Pomeroy Lyrics And Chords

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The Mountains Of Pomeroy Lyrics And Chords. Written by George Sigerson. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach. The mountains of Pomeroy are in Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland.

Chords fit the YouTube-version by Moore and Broaders in F# major (capo on 3rd fret), lyrics vary in some extent


The (D)dawn was breaking (Bm)bright and (G)fair,

The (D)lark sang (Bm)in the (Em)sky,(A7)

When a (D)maid she bound her (Bm)goIden (Em)hair,

With a (D)blithe glance (A7)in her (D)eye; -D

For, who (Bm)beyond the (Em)gay green-(D)wood,

Was awaiting (Em)her with (G)joy,(A7)

Oh, (D)who but her gallant (Em)Renar(G)dine,

In the (D)mountains (A7)of Pome(D)roy. -G-D-A7


Chorus (optional, not used by Moore and Broaders)

An (D)outlawed man in a (Bm)land for(G)lorn,

He (D)scorned to (Bm)turn and (Em)fly,(A7)

But (D)kept the cause of (Bm)freedom (G)safe

Up (D)on the (A7)mountains (D)high.-G-D-A7


Full (D)oft, full oft in the (Bm)dawning (G)hour,

Full (D)oft in the (Bm)twilight (Em)brown(A7)

He (D)met the maid in the (Bm)woodland (Em)bow'r,

Where the (D)stream comes (A7)foaming (D)down -D

For they were (Bm)faithful (Em)and in (D)love

No wars could (Em)e'er des(G)troy.(A7)

No (D)tyrant's chains found (Em)Renar(G)dine,

In the (D)mountains (A7)of Pome(D)roy. -G-D-A7


"Dear (D)love," she said, "l'm (Bm)so a(G)fraid,

For the (D)foeman's (Bm)force and (Em)you(A7)

They've (D)tracked you in the (Bm)lowland (Em)plain

And (D)all the (A7)valleys (D)through. -D

My kinsmen (Bm)frown when (Em)you are (D)named

Your life they (Em)would des(G)troy(A7)

'Be(D)ware,' they say, 'of (Em)Renar(G)dine,

In the (D)mountains (A7)of Pome(D)roy." -G-D-A7


Play one verse instrumentally


"Fear (D)not, fear not, sweet(Bm)heart," he (G)cried,

"Fear (D)not the (Bm)foe for (Em)me(A7)

No (D)chain shall bind, what(Bm)e'er be(Em)tide,

The (D)arm that (A7)would be (D)free! -D

Oh, leave your (Bm)cruel (Em)kin and (D)come,

When the lark is (Em)in the (G)sky(A7).

It's (D)with my live I'll (Em)guard you(G),

In the (D)mountains (A7)of Pome(D)roy." -G-D-A7


Well the (D)dawn it broke, she (Bm)rose and (G)fled

From (D)her cruel (Bm)kin and (Em)home;(A7)

All (D)full of love she’s (Bm)down the (Em)glen

And (D)up the (A7)mountain(D)side -D

But the mist came (Bm)down and the (Em)tempest (D)roared,

And did all a(Em)round des(G)troy;(A7)

And a (D)pale, drowned bride met (Em)Renar(G)dine,

In the (D)mountains (A7)of Pome(D)roy


Play first half of one verse instrumentally


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