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Kitty Bawn O'Brien song

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Kitty Bawn O'Brien Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written by Allister MacGillivary. Guitar work by Bob Sharpe

[G]Soft blows the [C] wind both [G] sweet and [D7] warm
From the [G] peaks called [D7] Knockmeal [G]down,[D7]
[G] The songbird [C] sings his [G] weary [Em] note [Am] above Blackwater [D7] Sound;
But from my heart [G] no joys [D7] depart‘s, no beauty can [G] enthral.
My Kitty [Am] Bawn [C] O'Brien's gone to [D7] far off Montre[G]al.
I met her [C] at the Mallow [G] Fair, where lovers [D7] sport and [G] play,[D7]
I [G] watched her [C] feet trip [G] lightly [Em] as the [Am] piper droned her [D7] way;
She sang a song so [G] lilting [D7] there, her hands beneath her [G] shawl,
Now Kitty [Am] Bawn [C] O'Brien's gone to [D7] far off Montre[G]al.
I followed [C] her to Water[G]ford the day the [D7] ship set [G] sail,[D7]
[G] Her mother [C] let the [G] teardrops [Em] fall, her [Am] Fathers cheeks were [D7] pale;
I kissed her there, I [G] lost her [D7] there, now sadly I re[G]call,
My Kitty [Am] Bawn [C] O'Brien's gone to [D7] far off Montre[G]al.
Now far [C] across the ocean [G] wide a world from [D7] Knockmeal[G]down,[D7]
My [G] Kitty [C] shines like [G] silver [Em] in some [Am] far Canadian [D7] town;
She'll court some young French [G] soldier [D7] there, to blame him I’ve no [G] call
My Kitty [Am] Bawn [C] O'Brien's gone to [D7] far off Montre[G]al.
Repeat first verse.


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