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Luck Of The Irish Lyrics Chords

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The Luck Of The Irish Lyrics And Guitar Chords. music 3/4 Written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. From the album '' Some Time In New York City'' 1972 an re released in 2005. A protest song depicting events in Ireland's history, with the first verse dealing with The Great Hunger'' [famine] 1845-1851. As I said already on notes to a previous song that the Irish exported more food to England during the Great Hunger than they did in the previous ten years, one of the reasons for exporting food out of the country in times of hardship is that the landlords were British. John Lennon was a brave man to write this song but it probibly got no radio airplay. Was this song banned ? does anybody remember ?.

If you (G)had the (C)luck of the (G)Irish,
You’d be (Bm)sorry and (Am)wish you were (D7)dead.
You should (G)have the (C)luck of the (G)Irish,
And you’d (Bm)wish you was (D7)English in(G)stead.

Thousand (G)years of (C)torture and (G)hunger,
Drove the (Bm)people a(Am)way from their (D7)land.
A (G)land full of (C)beauty and (G)wonder
Was (Bm)raped by the (D7)British bri(G)gands!

If (G)you could keep (C)voices like (G)flowers,
There’d be (C)shamrock all (Am)over the (D7)world.
If (G)you could drink (C)dreams like (G)Irish streams,
Then the (C)world would be as (Am)high as the (D7)Mountain of (G)Mourne.

In the (G)’pool they (C)told us the (G)story
How the (Bm)English di(Am)vided the (D7)land.
Of the (G)pain and the (C)death and the (G)glory
And the (Bm)poets of (D7)auld Ire(G)land.

If (G)we could make (C)chains with the (G)morning dew,
The (C)world would be (Am)like Galway (D7)Bay.
Let’s (G)walk over (C)rainbows like (G)leprechauns,
The (C)world would be (Am)one big (D7)Blarney (G)Stone.

Why the (G)hell are the (C)English there (G)anyway?
As they (Bm)kill with (Am)God on their (D7)side!
Blame it (G)all on the (C)kids and the (G)I.R.A.
As the (Bm)bastards com(D7)mit geno(G)cide!
Aye! aye!

If you (G)had the (C)luck of the (G)Irish,
You’d be (Bm)sorry and (Am)wish you were (D7)dead.
You should (G)have the (C)luck of the (G)Irish,
And you’d (Bm)wish you was (D7)English in(G)stead.
Yes, you’d (Bm)wish you were (D7)English in(G)stead.


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