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St. Laurence O'Toole Finbar Furey Lyrics + Guitar Chords

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St. Laurence O'Toole Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords, Finbar Furey. 3/4

Intro: G-G-D-D   Em-Bm-Em-Em   Em-Em

St [Em]Laurence O'Toole of dear Dublin Town, good [Bm]people, remember his [Em]name.
Patron Saint of this city we love, we'll [Bm]always honour your [Em]fame.
To a [G]Prince of Leinster [D]you were born, the [Em]son of [Bm]Morris O'[Em]Toole.
There were [G]many children [D]born that year, but [Em]God had [Bm]chosen [Em]you, [D]you,
[Em]God had [Bm]chosen [Em]you..

You were [Em]given, then to a tyrant king, when you were [Bm]but a [Em]boy.
While filling your frame with God's own love, his [Bm]wonders and his [Em]joy.
This [G]king, he ruled old [D]Erin's Isle, with [Em]cruel [Bm]fist and [Em]sword,
He [G]tried to change your [D]love for God - the [Em]One whom [Bm]you a[Em]dored, a[D]dored,
The [Em]One whom [Bm]you a[Em]dored.

But your [Em]father he heard of these terrible deeds and your [Bm]fate on which they [Em]mocked.
He took you from that unholy place to the [Bm]Abbey in Glenda[Em]lough.
The [G]Abbot there,  [D]who taught you, when [Em]first he [Bm]saw your [Em]face
He [G]knew that God had [D]sent you - in [Em]time to [Bm]take his [Em]place, his [D]place;
In [Em]time to [Bm]take his [Em]place.

But you [Em]died Archbishop, in Normandy, [Bm]far across the [Em]sea,
Far from the people and the city you loved, in [Bm]exile, your soul it went [Em]free.
You were [G]kind and gentle, Saint [D]Laurence O'Toole, your [Em]faith and [Bm]love pro[Em]found;
Arch[G]bishop and Abbot, [D]patron Saint of the [Em]people of [Bm]dear Dublin [Em]town, [D]town,
The [Em]people of [Bm]dear Dublin [Em]town.

Outro: G-G-D-D   Em-Bm-Em-Em  (2x)

  • Born 1128 Castledermot Kildare
  • Son Of Irish Chieftain O'Toole/O'Brien
  • Kidnapped Aged 10 by King Dermot
  • 1153 Served His Time As A Monk
  • 1161 Became Archbishop Of Dublin
  • 1170 Mediatated Between Henry 11 And
    Irish Chieftains
  • 1175 Negotiated truce between Rory
    O'Connor And Henry
  • 1175 Named Papal Legate Of Ireland
  • 1180 Died In France / Buried Near
  • Canonized 1225 By Pope Honorius 111

As I place this song here today 6/6/2011 which tells of the life of Saint Laurence O'Toole and the good Christian life he led and inspired others to do likewise, I'm also listening to a radio programme about An Athest Confrence being held in Dublin where their spokesman slags off and runs down our Faith in God. It seems the sole porpose of these people is to condemn Christianity and be Antichrists. It's not really surprising these groups are given airtime when two of the top ministers in government are comitted athests. One being the Tánaiste /Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore and the other being Ruairi Quinn The Minister For Education who has decided religion has no place in Irish schools. God help Ireland if this is the path we choose to follow.


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