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Geraldine's thinking of Galway

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Geraldine's Thinking Of Galway Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written by Pat McKernan From the album Songs from the high stool. Also recorded by The Furey Brothers And Davie Arthur.
[C]The dawn it is breaking and Geraldine's waking
So [G]far from the place she calls [C]home
The [C]new day is dawning and Geraldine's longing
For [G]far away over the [C]foam
She always in[G]tended to [C]travel
but she [F]never in[C]tended to [G]stay
Now [C]Geraldine's thinking of [Am]Galway
But [C]Galway's a [G]long way a[C]way.

[F]Geraldine's thinking of [C]Galway again
You can [G]tell by the look in her [C]eyes
[F]Sometimes alone in the [C]night time Geraldine [G]cries
She can [F]still see the moon over[C] Claddagh
Or the [Am]sun going down in Clew [C]Bay
Geraldine's [G]thinking of [C]Galway so far far a[G]way.

[C]The band it is playing and Geraldine's swaying
To the tune of "A pair of brown eyes"
Somebody calls for a small bit of order
As the fiddler plays "Danny Boy"
As she listens the music transports her
To far away over the sea
Geraldine's thinking of Galway
And that's where she's longing to be.

Since we started off touring many years ago.
I think we went to Australia 19 times and had
great fun over there. I remember one St.
Patrick's day we played two concerts over there.
But we were very tired when we fineshed.
And what happened was we went down to a place
called ''The Celtic Club'' just to wind down.
We had, red wine, white wine, all kinds of wine.
It's one of these places when you went in you
got locked in, and you wouldn't be let out
until seven o'clock in the morning when they are
sweeping out the saw dust and dead bodies.
But anyhow, we met this fella called Pat McKernan
who was in there singing and playing guitar
and he came up with this great song 14 or 15 years
later and it's called Geraldine's Thinking Of Galway.


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