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The Shipyard Slips

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The Shipyard Slips Song Lyrics Guitar Chords And Sheet Music. Written by David Wilde who was a member of the group Men Of No Property. Recorded by The Furey Brothers And Davie Arthur on the album Morning on a distant shore 1977 polydor (men of no property) cop con. This song was sent to me by Patrick Burke. The guitar chords are in the sheet music.

From belfast town i’m on my way
On a ship that was built for suill astray
Oh i leave my friends and the land where i was born
And i wont come back til me corps it is payed
And i served my time with the iron men
And i know good times and work a plenty
But there’s no work now
In theese trouble times
And the ship yards slips there lie empty
Farewell my father my mother fair
Old age has laid its hand all on you
You loved me well and
You never frail
Oh ist leaving your side my heart to do
(chorus as above)
Oh i promised to write when i’d settle down
To ease yer mind
God i know you’ll worry
Think of the times
When i will return
But dont count the days
But time it will hurry
(chorus as above)
I’ll remember the mountains the bridge
North there
I remember the girls
With their friendly stare
I will think of the city
And the friends that i have there
And i hope they love me and will send me a smile
(chorus as above)
I’m going away to look for work
But i live for the day of my return
But i saw the town and my peace of mind
For the belfast people i’ll always be yearning
(chorus as above)

Finbar Furey

Finbar was the strongest musician in the group,
with the help of the boys in the band he arranged
most of the songs and tunes for the group.
Finbar is the second eldest of The Fureys
and was the lead singer[Finbar Has Left The Group]
It was his father Ted Furey that had such a strong
influence on music and mind that made him the fine
musician he is today. His love of uillean pipes
is without equal, a master piper and reed maker
and fine exponent of five string banjo.
Finbar won every known uillean pipe title including
three all Ireland champions and a world title at
the age of 18.
He now concentrates on writing and collection songs
He is without doubt a poet, master musician and singer
of great importance. Ted Furey did a great job.

fureys sheet music shipyard slips
Fureys Sheet Music Shipyards Slips


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