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Hearts On Fire

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Hearts On Fire Guitar Chords And Lyrics By The Furey Brothers And Davie Arthur. 4/4. Finbar on vocals.

All a[D]round this world are [G]young men,
Having [D]songs of freedom [A]sung them,
And [D]every dog of [A]war will [A7]have his [D]day -A
While the [D]pride of all the [G]nations
Are [D]standing at their [A]stations
They’re [D]smiling as they [A]wave their [A7]lives a[D]way.
With [G]hearts on [A]fire.
With [A7]hearts on [D]fire.
With [G]hearts on [A]fire,
They’re [A7]burning [D]bright.
In the [D]land of Davy [G]Crockett,
They've [D]built a brand-new[A]rocket,
That will [D]bring a bright new [A]morning[A7] someday [D]soon, -A
While in [D]Africa children are [G]crying,
For the [D]want of food they're [A]dying
As [D]others walk a[A]round u[A7]pon the [D]moon.
Chorus (using ‘Their heart’s on Fire’) + Instrumental Bridge
In a [D]blind deserted [G]alley
In the [D]broken Rhondda [A]Valley,
A [D]man is sadly [A]searching [A7]for his [D]soul, -A
But his [D]eyes are unfor[G]giving,
When they [D]took away his [A]living
His [D]pride was buried [A]deep be[A7]neath the [D]coal
Chorus (using ‘His heart’s on Fire’ and ‘Is burning bright’)
As the [D]Belfast evening [G]thunders,
The [D]Lord looks down and [A]wonders,
[D]Will my children [A]ever [A7]live as [D]one? -A
From the [D]church he hears them [G]calling,
While his [D]bitter tears are [A]falling,
For [D]this, he says, I [A]gave my [A7]only [D]son.
Chorus (using ‘His heart’s on Fire’ and ‘Is burning bright’)
Chorus (using ‘With hearts on fire’ and ‘They’re burning bright’)


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