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Dancing At The Crossroads Lyrics And Chords

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Dancing At The Crossroads Lyrics And Chords, 6/8- The Wild Swans. Written by Paul Bell and Brendan Wade. This song is all about Wexford winning the all Ireland hurling final of 1996.
This is a request for Matthew Wickham who is a big Wexford fan. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach. 

Well I (A)remember as a (D)young boy

The beginning of sep(G)tember

We were standing at the (Em)station

(G)Waiting for a (A)train.


There was (A)priests and christian (D)brothers

There was nuns and reverend (G)mothers

There was guards and drunks and (Em)others

But every(G)one was just the (A)same


Well they (A)came from Ennis(D)corthy

From New Ross and Ferns and (G)Gorey

There was busses from Bun(Em)clody

There was (G)horses, carts and (A)all


And when they (A)steped out on the (D)platform

They were shouting and (G)screaming

And as they carried Larry (Em)Murphy

He looked (G)twenty-five feet (A)tall


So whats the (A)story Martin (D)Storey

Now Wexford’s really bound for (G)glory

And when at last the cup was (Em)lifted

They said we (G)brought it home for (A)you



We were (D)dancing at the crossroads,

In the shadow of a (G)bomfire

Underneath the silver (Em)moon light

We were (A)singing until (D)dawn,

We were (A)dancing at the (D)crossroads,

With the poteen and the (G)porter,

Dancing jigs and reels and(Em) polkas

Un(A)til the early (D)morn – (A)


In every (A)bar down on the (D)main street

They were hanging from the (G)rafters

And they sang the boys of (Em)Wexford

Like it was (G)going out of (A)style


All the (A)bingo halls were (D)empty

And all the Masses finished (G)early

Sure no one ever saw the (Em)likes of

Since the (G)time of JF(A)K


And when we (A)look at young O(D)gorman

And through the mid field he was (G)stormin

And then the Cusack Stand e(Em)rupted

When he (G)scored from 60 (A)yards




And I (A)think of George O’(D)Connor

So many said he was a (G)goner


But when he stood up in the (Em)Hogan

I even (G)saw an old man (A)cry




(D)Damian Fitzhenry, Ger Cush, Sean Flood,

(G)Rod Guiney , Liam Dunn,

Colm Kehoe, (A)Billy Byrne,

(G)Martin Storey  John OConner,

Tom Dempsey, George O'Connor,

Adrian Fenlon and

(A)Larry O'Gorman,


(D)Rory McCarthy, Larry Murphy, Garry Laffan,

(G)Eamon Scallan ,Dave Guiney ,

Declan Ruth, (A)Jim Byrne,

(G)Shean Carley, Paul Finn,

Tom Kehoe, are the team,

and the man that dared to dream his

(A)name was Liam Griffin


(D)Seamus Kavanagh,Joe Kerns,MJ Reck

(G)and all the rest the brave young men of 96

will be remembered (A)with the best

(G)Rackard, Quickley, Wheeler, Doran,

Buggy, Murphy, Nolan, Flood

And the names I can't recall

(A)Wexforc heroes one and all




Wexford G.A.A


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