Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The First Tuesday

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The First Tuesday Song Lyrics And Chords. Written By  Martin Dardis. This one is about the first Tuesday of every month in Ireland ,when a state benefit is given to mothers of children under sixteen , A lot of this money is spent in the pub , this is my observation of first Tuesday's in Ireland. 'St. Michael's day' , or' Micky money day' is a 'nick name' for children's allowances day. The video is a recording done by Padraig Grimes.

To the tune of a Billy Connelly song 'Oh Sergeant Is This The Adventure'
 I'm[C] sittin' at the bar , and[F] shoutin for[C] drink
 Thinking that life's passed me[G] out,
[C] Drinkin' with dipso's , not[F] having to[C] think,
 Strong whiskey and[G] pints of black[C] stout
 Of[F] father is this the[C] adventure you meant,
 When I started on life's road to[G] ruin
 Just[C] building up bricks and[F] mixing ce[C]ment
 Strong whiskey and[G] pints of black stout
 It's St. Michael's day and they won't have to pay
 Young lassies with mini skirts tight
 The first Tuesday is here and they're in for the beer
 For the Bacardi and cheap splash of Coke
 [Repeat Chorus]
Tommy's got the entrance fee, Paddy's flat broke
Deco's just won on the tote,
Johnny's dole didn't come, he's now on the bum
''Feckin liar he drank it last night''

 There's fellas over there and they're stuck to the chair
 It looks like they're in for the match
 Giving grief to the telly , is it Liverpool or Kerry
 More whiskey and pints of black stout
 [Repeat Chorus]
 The ballad group in the corner shouts for order
 ''Give the auld songs a bit of respect''
 The whistler strikes up , a guitar gets a pluck
' The Lonesome Boatman' is drowning tonight.
          [Repeat Chorus]
 The auld barman calls time , and they make a bee-line
  The first Tuesday has come to a close
 And the clock strikes a gong , it's time to move on
 As the band plays Red Is The Rose
     [ Repeat Chorus]



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