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Christmas Eve 1914 chords

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Christmas Eve 1914 Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. 4/4 (Mike Harding) No need for an introduction for this one as it speaks for itself. Chords by Marc. There's another song on the site that's about the truce that took place in 1915 called Christmas 1915

(D)Christmas (A)Eve in (G)nineteen-(D)fourteen
Stars were burning, (Em)burning (A)bright
(D)And all a(A)long the (G)Western (D)Front
Guns were lying (A)still and (D)quiet.
Men lay dozing (A)in the trenches,
(D)In the cold and (A)in the dark,
(D)And far a(A)way be(G)hind the (D)lines
A village dog be(A)gan to (D)bark.

(D)Some lay (A)thinking (G)of their (D)families,
Some sang songs while (Em)others were (A)quiet
(D)Rolling (A)fags and (G)playing (D)brag
To pass away that (A)Christmas (D)night.
But as they watched the (A)German trenches
(D)Something moved in (A)No Man’s Land
(D)And through the (A)dark (G)came a (D)soldier
Carrying a white flag (A)in his (D)hand.

D)Then from (A)both sides (G)men came (D)running,
Crossing into (Em)No Man’s (A)Land,
(D)Through the (A)barbed-wire, (G)mud and (D)shell holes,
Shyly stood there (A)shaking (D)hands.
Fritz brought out ci(A)gars and brandy,
(D)Tommy brought corned (A)beef and fags,
(D)Stood there (A)talking, (G)singing, (D)laughing,
As the moon shone down on (A)No Man’s (D)Land.

(D)Christmas (A)Day we (G)all played (D)football
In the mud of (Em)No Man’s (A)Land;
(D)Tommy (A)brought some (G)Christmas (D)pudding,
Fritz brought out a (A)German (D)band.
When they beat us (A)at the football
(D)We shared out all the (A)grub and drink
(D)And Fritz showed (A)me a (G)faded (D)photo
Of a dark-haired girl back (A)in Ber(D)lin.

(D)For four days (A)after (G)no one (D)fired,
Not one shot dis(Em)turbed the (A)night,
(D)For old (A)Fritz and (G)Tommy (D)Atkins
Both had lost the (A)will to (D)fight.
So they withdrew us (A)from the trenches,
Sent us far be(A)hind the lines,
(D)Sent fresh (A)troops to (G)take our (D)places
And told the guns “Pre(A)pare to (D)fire”.

(D)And next (A)night in (G)nineteen-(D)fourteen
Flares were burning, (Em)burning (A)bright;
(D)The message (A)came a(G)long the (D)trenches
Over the top we’re (A)going to(D)night.
And the men stood waiting (A)in the trenches,
(D)Looked out across our (A)football park,
(D)And all a(A)long the (G)Western (D)Front
The Christmas guns be(A)gan to (D)bark.

(D)Men stood waiting (A)in the trenches,
(D)Looked out across our (A)football park,
(D)And all a(A)long the (G)Western (D)Front
The Christmas guns be(A)gan to (D)bark.


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