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Cynthia Rides Again

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Cynthia Rides Again Irish Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Conal Gallen. This is the follow up song to ''Horse It Into Ye Cynthia'' , it's another funny song and one of many recorded by Conal, in fact Conal recently brought out a double album of his funny songs. More info on his website The tune used for this one is ''Ghost Riders In The Sky'' or ''The Sam Song''

She[Am] left the town of Kiltimagh on[G] morning bright and clear,
Through [Am]Leitrim and through [C]Sligo and the [E]people stopped to cheer
She [Am]charged through Donegal with her tail up in the air,
And [C]ran 'round the ancient walls, to[E] feel the Derry [Am]air.

She rode through County Antrim through Armagh and County Down
In Fermanagh there were hundreds on the streets of every town.
She horsed her way through Monaghan Cavan and Tyrone,
And Longford and Roscommon really made her feel at home.

[Am]Cynthiaa[G]aaaa, Cynthioo[Am]oo, oh, ah Cynthia, [C]Cynthia [Em]rides a[Am]gain.

She passed the Westmeath bachelors through Meath and County Louth.
She mosied down through Dublin Town and headed for the south
Kildare and County Offaly and in Laoise the lads were true.
They watched her rear end disappear, among the Wicklow hills.

Through Carlow and Kilkenny, people jumped up from their seats,
And all the boys fro Wexford they were cheering in the streets
And then through County Waterford, where the lads all raised a glass
When she rode the rebel county she really showed her class.

Cynthiaaaaaa, Cynthioooo, oh, ah Cynthia, Cynthia rides again.

The kingdom streets were packed to see this legend of a ride
With Limerick at a standstill thousands stood on every side
She took the long way home from Tipperary into Clare
And she gave a twirl for the Galway Girl, sure they never had a prayer.

Then back through County Mayo with Ireland in her wake
By the time she finished riding the west was wide awake
'Cause I forgot to tell you as she rode The Emerald Isle,
She did it riding bareback, wearing nothing but a smile

I think almost ervery county in Ireland is named in this song, I counted 30.


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