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Farewell My Green Valleys lyrics and chords

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Farewell My Green Valleys Lyrics-Chords-Glen Reid
Corrections for chords welcome for this one,cause Im not sure if I have them right ? I first heard the Wolfe Tones doing this, but it has been recorded by many ballad singers including Susan McCann, great song. I believe Glen wrote this when he was in the studio with his group (I think Brannigan's Boys, at the time). They needed one more song to fill out the recording. I hate people who can write that well pretty much on demand. additional information on the writing of the song is bt Jeremiah MaCaw Budnark.

 The [D]seagulls are [G]calling,and the [D]wind is in the [Bm]sails,
        And she's [D]fast moving [G]out over the [A]sea,
        On a [D]ship bound for [G]St. Johns three [D]thousand miles a-[Bm]way,
        A human [D]cargo; my com-[G]rades and [D]me.
 [2]    It hurts me to think of the things I left behind,
        And the famine has blackened our land
        And to look now for something, that I may never find,
        It's a problem that's now close at hand.
 chorus Fare-[D]well my Green [G]Valleys, God [D]keep you the [Bm]same,
        If [D]only in my [G]mind you will [A]be,
        I'm [D] sailing dark [G]waters,to [D]far Ameri-[Bm]kay,
        Never [D]more my Green [G]valleys to [D]see.
 [3]    There's a fever a-raging, and the wind has died away,
        And our journey may no longer be,
        'Though the plague is a shadow, that lingers night and day,
        Warmer thoughts of Green Valleys I'll see.
 repeat chorus
 note: If you really wish to avoid the Bm chord, you an probably get away with substituting a 'G'.

Sarah Jane Lyrics By Susan McCann
Tis well I do remember, our childhood years together.
When everyday we used to play in sunshine or in rain,
But little did I know then, my heart it would be broken.
With only just a hurting word from you Sarah Jane.

From when she was a baby, I watched her grow into a lady
And at sixteen she was the fairest maided ever seen.
It would lift your heart to see her, she was pretty as a flower.
With eyes of blue it's easy loving you Sarah Jane.

Through meadow fields in summer, 'tis often we would wonder.
We'd remanis and hug and kiss, where once we used to play.
But the love that Sarah gave me, now it's only just a memory.
And memories are all I have of you Sarah Jane.

It was in the cold of winter, sure the snow lay on the heather
My love took ill and cought a chill and now she's in the clay.
Though she's no longer with me there's our little girl so pretty
With eyes so blue, just like you Sarah Jane.


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