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Carry me up to Galway

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Carry me up to Galway Song Lyrics By Padraig Grimes.
It tell the story of a lovelorn young man who without money decides me must see him girlfriend, so he embarks on a little adventure from Dublin to Galway taking any transport available and free in the hope of surprising here, but alas she too had the same idea and having a little more money than him, takes the train the very same day to Dublin. So you can imagine his despair upon arrival in Galway.

G   C D G
It was on a Friday afternoon in Dublin’s fair city
 C  G   D G
I was heading west, not making haste, I have somewhere to be
   C   D  G
When I met a man on the Royal canal, making faster pace you see
 C   G  D   G
Well I chanced my arm and I said to him, have you room on board for me
And I said
D  G C  D
“Carry me up to Galway, carry me up today
 G   C  D  G
There’s a girl down there who loves me and I must see right away
D  G C  D
Carry me up to Galway, carry me up today
G  C  D G
Carry me up to Galway, it`s surely on your way”
Well he said to me, he said said he, “I won’t be going far
But if you help me with the locks my friend, we`ll get near Mullingar
I`ve a friend down there, he`s mighty fair and I think he owns a car”
But he likes the beer, so when we got there, we found him in a bar
And I said
Well he let me borrow his old car and I started making ground
But I hadn`t gone I`d say ten miles when the old thing she broke down
As I stood there on the roadside in despair began to cry
Till an old lad on a Honda 50, he came whizzing by
And I said
As I sat behind him contemplating as we bumped along the road
At least I won’t go hungry, cause the flies I ate a load
But ten miles outside Galway we went our separate ways
So I stuck out my thumb, held up a sign and on the sign I wrote
Well it must be after midnight when I walked into that town
A journey long and perilous but alive I made it down
But I got her answering machine and now I stand here in the rain
It said she`d gone to visit me, she`d gone to Dublin on the train
Oh Lord!!


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