Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

Cattle Low And Angels Croon

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Cattle Low and the Angels Croon Lyrics And Guitar Chords an Irish Christmas December, 2006  Robert L. Snideman All rights Reserved ,Double Drop D  Capo where comfortable Tune: Mo Ghile Mar – Irish Trad.


           D                                             G          D        Em   A


Intro: Sha ma lache mo ghile mair – Sha mo chasar ghile mair


                   D                            D     A     Bm


           Son swan gar sean – ni befahr ah fein


            G    D                          A    D


           O - quaig I gein – mo ghile mair


          D                          G                      D                     Em    A


Sometimes it seems so long ago – and then like only – yesterday.


           D                             G                                    Em  Bm          Em  A


We’d come to Mass  - on Christmas Eve – back in Ire - land – so far  - away.


        D                               G


In a small stone church – down by the sea


         D                                       Em              A


with parents -  cousins – and a small child – me.


        D                                                       G                      Em              Bm


Old  Father Thomas – would rise – and recite the story–  of Peace – and hope


         Em             A


And love   - and glory.




Chorus:  Cattle low – and the Angels croon – 


                     G         D             Em           A


              An eastern star – out shines the moon.


                      D                                              Bm


              Our Blessed Lady lays – her baby - down.


                          D                             A            D


              Praise be to the Lord – His Son – is born.


          D                       G                                    D                          Em              A


He’d tell us of - that splendid sight – Hosts of Angels – on great wings- take flight.


     D                                     G                                  Em      Bm         Em           A


Beseeching shepherds – to up and go.  Spread the news to all – who dwell  - below.


            D                                 G                                 D                            Em       A


By the alter – a carved wood  Manger Scene  - Holy  Couple – with - the Babe between.


D                             G                       Em             Bm      Em       A


Joseph, Mary, and Jesus – Bright – Candles glowing  - in  - the night.





Instrumental break


D                       G                               D                                 Em      A


Now - I think upon those days – I’ve long since sailed-  to Ameri – kay
       D                            G                                   Em           Bm


My own dear wife and children here – But me heart goes back –


                  Em                A


Christmas Eve  - draws near.


             D                                G


To that special place – There by the shore –


           D                                         Em      A


Stone church – Father Tom – my folks galore.


       D                                      G                                      Em      Bm


In  that green land -  the sweet Holy Ground -  May the  joys of Christmas –


          Em      A.


Be forever  - found








                   D                                 Em           A  D


        Praise be  - to the Lord -   his Son        - is born



Song can be sung Gender Neutral. Just change a few words


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