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Croppy Boys From Meath

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The Croppy Boys From Meath Lyrics And Chords. Written by Eamonn Reilly and recorded by Shan-nos. Shan-nos are one of the finest Irish ballad groups and are based around Meath and Louth. They post their gigs on their Facebook Page Here by the way the youtube video image of Brendan Hughes has very little to do with the song. The lyrics were transcribed by Aaron Walsh. Thanks Aaron and well done. Chords by Marc.

From our[G] history of old
There’s an ancient story told
Of a fire that was seen from far and [D]near
And of [C]how it changed the [G]land,
A message [C]passed from hand to [G]hand
Oh the [C]young put words to [G]song from year to [D]year.
How its blazin’ once again
Just as bright as it did then
All along the River Boyne it can be seen
Summerhill to Seneschalstown
From Nobber to the Hill of Down
Every village from Kilmainhamwood to Skryne

And the [G]fire that is [C]lighted on [D]royal Tara’s [G]Hill
It’s the same old [C]flame and it’s [D]burnin’ still
And it [G]glows in the [C]heart and it [D]shows in the[G] will
Of those [C]dear old [Am]Croppy [D]Boys  from[G] Meath

We had the bravest in the land,
All prepared to lend a hand
Sure the tyrants they were strong but only few
When they stood up for their rights
They showed that they were there to fight
In seventeen-ninety-eight the troops all true

They had battled through the years,
Had raised aloud their cheers
They stood for what is right with constant pride
Ever willing to be told
By Robert Emmet or Wolfe Tone
The spirit of this land has never died

In our histroy we’re told
Of our rebels oh so bold
Who stood against the evil of our land
And of how it changed the way
Our families life their lives today
Every way you can see from man to man

How their story can be told
Of two hundred years old
So sad missed in our hearts for those who died
From Kells and Navan ,Castletown,
And everywhere around
They stood and fought together side by side
Chorus 2x

croppy boys from Meath song lyrics


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