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The Easter Rising Lyrics And Chords

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The Easter Rising,Irish folk song lyrics and guitar chords, written by Loscan Collins with guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach. Surly this is one of the finest ballads ever written about the 1916 rising, all the leaders of the rising get a mention in the song. From Roger Casement whose shipment from Germany of twenty thousand rifles that never made it, to 16 Moore Street where the surrender finally took place. Incidentally 16 Moore street is to be turned into a shopping centre by Dublin City Council, what a terribly insult to to the brave men and women who took part in the fight for Ireland's freedom. If this is progress count me out. 

He (C)told me the (F)story of (G)nineteen-six(C)teen,
Of the (F)April and (C)May and e(G)vents in between
Of a (F)brave band of (C)comrades, (G) - together they (Am)stood,
(C)To reclaim their (F)country (G)- and their nation(C)hood

Roger (C)Casement he (F)landed (G)down at Banna (C)Strand
With the (F)arms and ammu(C)nitions so (G)close at hand
But the (F)Aud she was (C)scuttled (G)off a cold Irish (Am)bay
(C)And the guns for the (F)rising (G) in the water they (C)lay

But (F)Connolly and (Dm)Clarke they (C)stood by Padraig’s (G)side
Joe (F)Plunkett, Con (C)Colbert, Willie (F)Pearse and (C)John Mac(G)Bride.
As they (F) strike of (Dm)freedom and (C)liberty’s (Am)dream
(C)Of those brave men and (F)women of (G)nineteen-six(C)teen

U(C)pon Sackville (F)Street (G)the proclamation red (C)out
(F)Called to the (C)nation their (G)oppressors to rout
Of the (F)centuries of (C)bondage (G)and the notion of (Am)tears
(C)A lead in the (F)van (G)was your man Padraig (C)Pearse

But (F)Connolly and (Dm)Clarke they (C)stood by Padraig’s (G)side
Mac(F)Donagh, Ned (C)Daly, Eamon (F)Kent and (C)John Mac(G)Bride.
As they (F) strike of (Dm)freedom and (C)liberty’s (Am)dream
(C)Of those brave men and (F)women of (G)nineteen-six(C)teen

The (C)Countess and (F)Mallin (G)at Stephen’s (C)Green
Neither (F)one their a(C)llegiance to a (G)king or a queen
And (F)God bless all those (C)women (G)prepared for to (Am)die
As they (C)marched with their (F)brothers neath that (G)clear april (C)sky

T’was (F)Connolly and (Dm)Clarke they (C)stood by Padraig’s (G)side
(F)Michael O’(C)Hanrahan, Sean (F)Hueston (C)and Mac(G)Bride.
As they (F) strike of (Dm)freedom and (C)liberty’s (Am)dream
(C)Of those brave men and (F)women of (G)nineteen-six(C)teen

At (C)sixteen on (F)Moore Street (G) they made their last (C)stand
O’(F)Rallaigh cut (C)down (G)ah but the fight it was grand
And now I (F)hear Dublin (C)Council are (G)turning this (Am)place
Into a (C)damn super(F)market – (G)what a bloody dis(C)grace

Cause (F)Connolly and (Dm)Clarke they (C)stood by Padraig’s (G)side
(F)John MacNa(C)mara, Thomas (F)Kent and (C)John Mac(G)Bride.
As they (F) strike of (Dm)freedom and (C)liberty’s (Am)dream
(C)Of those brave men and (F)women of (G)nineteen-six(C)teen

As I (F)stand by their (Dm)gravesites and (C)think of their (Am)dream
And that (C)fight for their (F)freedom in (G)nineteen-six(C)teen


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