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The Children Are Running Away Lyrics And Chords

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The Children Are Running Away The McCalmans Song Lyrics And Chords. For the McCalmans’ version from their album ‘Honest Poverty’ use capo on 2nd fret. Written by Nick Kier. 3/4 Timing on guitar. Chords by Marc Fahrbach

Intro: D-F#m-G-D   G-G-A-A


We (D)built them a (F#m)school with a (G)seat near the (A)window,
Too (D)high for a (F#m)child's eye to (G)see the bright (A)sky,
We (G)gave them a (F#m)list of the (G)rules of good (D)living,
'Aim (Em)low if you (A)want to, but (Em)don't aim too (A)high'
We (G)showed them the (D)place they could (G)take in the (A)factory,
We (G)taught them to (D)speak and the (G)things they should (A)say, - A
We (G)measured po(F#m)tential, a(G)long with their (D)shoe size.
We (Em)taught them the (A)game, but my (Em)God, they won't (A)play


And a(D)way, a(F#m)way, the (G)children are (A)running,
(D)Each to the (F#m)place that they're (G)wanting to (A)go,
A(D)way, A(F#m)way, the (G)children are (A)running...
They (D)don't want to (Bm)learn what we (G)want them to (A)know,
And the (G)chil(Em)dren(A) are running a(D)way - F#m-G-D   G-G-A-A


We (D)taught them their (F#m)sex and their (G)class and po(A)sition,
We (D)taught them to (F#m)add and sub(G)tract and to (A)spell.
We (G)showed them the (F#m)part of the (G)scale that they (D)come from
Be (Em)good go to (A)Heaven, be (Em)bad go to (A)Hell.
Come (G)back, we need (D)robots with (G)suitable (A)functions,
Come (G)back, we need (D)toadies to (G)greaze the ma(A)chine. - A
Come (G)back, there are (F#m)jobs for you (G)all in our (D)system,
Come (Em)back, we need (A)soldiers to (Em)die for the (A)queen.




There's no (D)room at the (F#m)top for sweet (G)sensitive (A)dreamers,
No (D)room at the (F#m)top for your (G)softies and (A)weeds,
No (G)room at the (F#m)top for po(G)etical (D)fancy,
So(Em)ciety (A)pays for so(Em)ciety's (A)needs.

Come (G)back, we need (D)leaders to (G)make the de(A)cisions,
Come (G)back, we need (D)experts with (G)sword and with (A)pen, -A
Come (G)back, we need (F#m)surgeons to (G)make the in(D)cisions,
Come (Em)back, we need (A)martyrs and (Em)heroes of (A)men.




Outro: D-F#m-G-D   G-G-A-A

Repeat Outro fading


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