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Cryer's Paradise

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Cryers Paradise Song Lyrics And Chords By Ron Hynes.From the album of the same name. Guitar chords by Bob Sharpe.

I[G] still [D] got my high school [G] jacket                      
still [D] got my high school [G] ring
tucked in the [D] corner of my [G] wallet
is a tattered [D] photo of the G] king;

yet [D] i [c] have to [G] cry                                          
staring [D] back at silent [G] eyes;
i saw a [D] star burn out last [G] night;
saw the [D] cryers [G] paradise.. [dissapear]
I got [D] stumblin blind [G] ambition                                 
couple of [] cards i havent [G] played”
i got a [D] gamblers [G] intuition;
i know [D] when i stay too [G] late
yet [G] i [C] have to [G] cry                                             
staring [D] back at silent [G] eyes;
where do [D] gamblers go to [G] die;
they go to [D] cryers [G] paradise;
when that [Em ] man from memphis left us                       
we’d [ Am7] already turned our [D ] backs
he was a [G] heart broke hotel [C] exile
that’s the [G] cold and only [D] facts
and the [G] whole [C] world [G] agrees                    
i saw the [D] whole thing on [G] tv
now i [D] ask that eternal [G] question
does the [D] darkness grant [G] release
yet [D] i [c] have to [G] cry                                           
as his [D] motor cade goes [G] by
taking a [D] sad and only [G] boy
off to [d] cryers [g] paradise.
i got [D] demons bound to [G] daunt me                    
i got a [D] ghost from beer to [G] show
i got [D] bad mistakes to [G] haunt me
till im [D] just a ghost [G] myself
yet [D] i [c] have to [G] cry                                           
staring [D] back at silent [G] eyes
must my [D] heart be [G] crucified
to get into [D] cryers [G] paradise


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