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The Dream Irish song lyrics and guitar chords by The Jolly Beggarmen. Written by Tommy Jenkinson. This is a request for Patrick Rooney. The guitar chords were worked out by Marc Fahrbach. The Jolly Beggarmen were-Charlie Clarke, Tommy Jenkinson, Eamon O'Rourke, Paddy Quigley,Joe White, Johnny Carroll, DOnal Nagle, Kevin Molloy. Here's another of The Jolly Beggarmen's song The Inner City Song lyrics+chords which were one of Ireland's finest ballad groups.

I (G)dreamed last night God (C)blessed my (D)dreaming.

The (G)north and the (Em)south had come (G)back to the (D)fold.

There were (G)no more six (Bm)counties, no (C)borders, no (D)permits(D7)

And the (G)flag throughout (C)Ireland was (D)Green, White And (G)Gold.


The (G)marchers were gone, no (C)more were they (D)needed,

The (G)long road to (Em)peace, had been (G)reached and was (D)won

At (G)last for old (Bm)Ireland, her (C)troubles de(D)feated,(D7)

And (G)all of her (C)children u(D)nited as (G)one.


Change of chords in the first line!


The (D)tanks and the guns, and the (C)bombs had de(G)parted,

The battles were (Em)fought they were (G)over and (D)won,

No (G)more bloody (Bm)Sundays no (C)torture no (D)hatered(D7)

And the (G)dark clouds of (C)terror had (D)lifted and (G)gone,


I (D)visioned the crowds all (C)singing and (G)dancing

And the children did (Em)play on the (G)streets without (D)fear,

But the (G)best thing of (Bm)all in my (C)dream I re(D)membered,(D7)

Was a (G)grey web of (C)tranquill 'round (D)Ireland so (G)dear.


But (D)then I awoke with my (C)weeping and (G)sobbing,

The thoughts of re(Em)ality near (G)broke my poor (D)heart,

I could (G)hear the tanks (Bm)rolling and (C)bombs still ex(D)ploding,(D7)

And (G)strangers still (C)tearing my (D)country a(G)part.


My (D)answer is clear as to (C)what's the so(G)lution,

If they dearly love (Em)England, then it's (G)there they should (D)be.

Let (G)Ireland be (Bm)Ireland, one (C)country, one (D)nation.(D7)

With her (G)sons and her (C)daughters, u(D)nited and (G)free.-D7-G

The Dream Song Lyrics And Chords-The Jolly Beggarmen


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