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The Drunk Lyrics + Chords

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The Drunk Lyrics and chords-Written by Paddy Kelly. This song was written about what Paddy observed in his local pub in Clondalkin Dublin, change the names of the characters and the song could be set in any pub in Dublin. Another song written by Paddy is Clondalkin Cailin which is also set around the pub scene in Dublin.

(C)Everything was spinning, that (F)night in Boomers (G)Pub,

(C)fifteen pints were in me, (F)not a bit of (G)grub

I (C) slowly looked around me at the (F)same auld faces (G)there

(C)Christy was calling last orders while (F)trying to fix his (G)hair.


And (F)I was trying to (G)stop myself from (C)pukeing

(F)can’t believe they (G)gave me another (C)booking

(F)Dave was rowing with his (G)wife, she (C)told him to go get a life

And (F)Paddy Doyle was (G)singing ‘Mack the (C)Knife’

The lads were on the piss again trying to play some darts

George was sitting next to me letting rip some farts

The smell was unbelievable; I had to close my eyes

Then I moved away from him I couldn’t stand the flies

And I was trying to stop myself from pukeing,

Tried to put the blame on the wife’s cooking

I rushed out to the loo and I pissed all over my shoe

Could never understand what drink can do.

Johnny Grimes and Sally were holding hands in the corner

her left ‘one’ was hanging out someone should have warned her

They started kissing tenderly spread upon the chair

Ah Jaysus Sally look at his face, let him up for air.

And I was trying to stop myself from pukeing,

Should have gone to the Penny Hill in Lucan

Back to the loo and can I be FRANK,

John was in there having a ‘???? Smoke? (optional wording)

It must have been twenty pints that he drank.

All hell broke loose in the bar Sally got into a fight

Snobby big-mouth Doris called her a lady of the night

Sally landed a big left hook, Doris let out a ‘GRUNT’

But from the floor she swung her foot

and kicked her in her ‘????’ arm ? leg ? (optional wording)

And I was trying to stop myself from pukeing

can’t believe they gave me another booking

Dave was rowing with his wife, she told him to go get a life

And Paddy Doyle was singing ‘Mack the knife’

And Paddy Doyle was singing ‘Spancil Hill’


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