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Delaney's Donkey

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Delaney's Donkey Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written by Bill Hargreaves and recorded by Val Doonican.

[C]Now Delaney had a donkey that [F]every[G7]one a[C]dmired
 [C]Tempo'rily lazy and permanently [G]tired
 A [C]leg at ev'ry cor[F]ner balan[G7]cing [C]his head
 [C]And a [C7]tail to let [F]you know which end he[C] wanted [G7]to be [C]fed
 [Am]Riley slyly [E]said "We've unde[Am]rrated it
  then he [Am]took a rag
 They [C]rubbed it, [F]scrubbed [G]it, they oiled [G7]and em[C]brocated[F] it
 Got it to the post and when the [C]starter dropped his [G]flag
[C]There was Riley pushing it, [F]shoving it, shushing it
 Hogan, Logan and ev'ryone in [G7]town [C]lined up attacking it
 And [Am]shoving it and smacking it
 [G]They might as well [A7]have tried to push the [G]Town [D7]Hall [G]down
 The [C]donkey was eyeing [F]them, openly defying [C]them
 Winking, blinking and twisting out of [G]place
 [C]Riley reversing [F]it, ev'rybody cursing it
 The [C]day Del[G7]aney's donkey [C]ran [F]the halfmile [C]race
The [C]muscles of the migh[F]ty never known [G7]to flinch
 They couldn't [C]budge the donkey a quarter of [G]an inch
 De[C]laney lay exhaus[F]ted, hang[G7]ing round [C]its throat
 With a grip [C7]just [F]like a Scotchman on a [C]five [G7]pound [C]note
 [Am]Starter, Carter, he [E7]lined up with the [Am]rest of 'em
 When it saw [E7]them, it was willing [Am]then
 It [C]raced up, [F]braced [G]up, ready [G7]for the[C] best of [F]'em
 They started off to cheer it but it [C]changed its mind [G]again
[G7]There was [C]Riley pushing [F]it, shoving it and shushing[C] it
 Hogan, Logan and Mary Ann Mac[G7]graw, [C]she started poking it
 [Am]Grabbing it and choking [G]it
 It kicked her in [A7]the bustle and it [G]laughed [D7]"Hee - [G]Haw!"
 The [C]whigs, the conservatives, [F]radical super[C]latives
 Libr'rals and tories, they hurried to the[G] place
 [G7]Stood there in unity, [F]helping [C]the community
 The day Delaney's donkey ran the [C]half[F]mile [C]race
[C]The crowd began to cheer it, then [F]Raff[G7]ert[C]y, the judge
 [C]He came to assist them, but still it [G]wouldn't budge
 The [C]jockey who was riding, [F]little [G7]John Ma[C]cGee
 Was so [C7]thorough[F]ly disgusted that he [C]went to [G7]have his [C]tea
 [Am]Hagan, Fagan was [E7]students of [Am]psychology
 Swore they'd [E7]shift it with some [Am]dynamite
 They [C]bought it, [F]brought it, [G]then wit[G7]hout a[C]pology
 The [F]donkey gave a sneeze and blew the [C]darn stuff out of[G] sight
There was [C]Riley pushing [F]it, shoving it and shushing[C] it
 [C]Hogan, Logan and all the bally [G7]crew
 P'lice, and auxil'ary, the [Am]Garrison Artillery
 [G]The Second [A7]Enniskillen's and [G]the Life[D7] Guards [G]too
 They [C]seized it and harried [F]it, they picked it up and carried [C]it
 Cheered it, steered it to the winn[G]ing place
 [C]Then the Bookies drew a[F]side, they all commited suicide
 Well, the day Delaney's [G7]donkey won the [C]half[F]mile [C]race

I used to sing little comedy Irish songs on my radio show.One such song was Delanye's Donkey. When the late British comedian Arthur Askey heard me sing it he just could not believe it. It was written by an old friend of his in Liverpool , a comic named Bill Hargreaves, married to a very famous music hall star Ella Shields. Val Doonican

The Television Years
An offer of my own T.V. show came as a result of that
faithful evening back in 1964 when I appeared on Sunday
Night At The London Palladium. Once again my asttute manager
Eve Taylor showed her special skills for making the right
decisions on important occasions.
Lets see if I can talk them into giving you a single
series rather than signing you up for several years.
if it works everybody will be happy, if not then we can pause
and have a re-think. The B.B.C. kindly gave me that break,
six half hour shows from a small studio in Manchester known
as 'Dicky Road' . It was a converted church in a quiet spot
called Dickenson Road, on the outskirts of the city, in fact
it's where Top Of The Pops had it's beginnigs.
The show worked out well and the following year I was
transfared to London, never for a moment suspection I was
embarking on a prime time t.v. run of some 24 years

Nowadays as I savour the autumn season of my entertainment
career it is gratifying to reflect on the great privilege
of sharing the microphone with some of my heroes. Bing Crosby,
Perry Como, Andy Williams, Don Williams, John Williams, James
Galway, Johnny Mathis, Glen Campbell, John Denver and many more.
Year by year the show offered me the perfect shop window for
my recordings to millions each week.


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