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Erin's Lovely Home Lyrics + Guitar Chords

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ERIN'S LOVELY HOME Lyrics And Guitar Chords
6/8 (Trad. Arr., Karan Casey & Kris Drever) The chords are the work of Marc Fahrbach and the song is a request for Tom Quinn.


GSus4 = 3-2-0-0-1-3 (This chord is optional!)


Come (G)all you sons of (D7)Paddy’s (G)land and listen (D7)onto (G)me
-(GSus4) -(G)

Till I re(D7)late of the (Am)hardships (G)great a crossing (D)o’er the (Em)sea

For the (G)want of (D7)bred ten (Am)thousands (G)fled so far a(D)cross the (Em)foam

And (G)left the land where (D7)they were (G)born called Erin’s (D7)lovely (G)home.


Black (G)forty seven I’ll (D7)never for(G)get when the fever it (D7)stalked the (G)land
-(GSus4) -(G)

And the famine (D7)without (Am)mercy (G)it stretched forth it’s (D)dreadful (Em)hand 

There’s (G)many the (D7)child in (Am)cold death (G)lay their parents (D)they did (Em)mourn

While the (G)landlord’s agents pulled (D7)down our (G)roofs in Erin’s (D7)lovely (G)home.


My (G)father, was a (D7)farming (G)man - reared to (D7)indus(G)try
-(GSus4) -(G)

He (G)had two (D7)sons, they (Am)were men (G)strong, and lovely (D)daughters (Em)three

Our (G)farm was too (D7)small to (Am)feed us (G)all so some of us (D)had to (Em)roam

With (G)sisters two I (D7)bid a(G)dieu to Erin’s (D7)lovely (G)home


My (G)father sold the (D7)second (G)cow and he borrowed (D7)twenty (G)pounds
-(GSus4) -(G)

And in the (D7)merry (Am)month of (G)May we sailed from (D)Sligo (Em)town

There were (G)thousands (D7)more left u(Am)pon the (G)shore all anxious (D)for to (Em)roam

And (G)leave the land where (D7)they were (G)born called Erin's (D7)lovely (G)home


We were (G)scarcely seven (D7)days at (G)sea when the fever it (D7)plagued our (G)crew
-(GSus4) -(G)

They were falling (D7)like the (Am)autumn (G)leaves bidding friends and (D)life a(Em)dieu

Now the (G)raging (D7)waves sweep (Am)o’er their (G)graves, amidst the (D)ocean (Em)foam

Our (G)friends may mourn for we'll (D7)never re(G)turn to Erin's (D7)lovely (G)home


My (G)loving sisters they (D7)both took (G)ill and their lives they were (D7)taken a(G)wa 
-(GSus4) -(G)

And oh it (D7)grieved my (Am)heart full (G)sore for to cast them (D)in the (Em)sea

Down (G)in the (D7)deep now (Am)they do (G)sleep they never (D)more will (Em)roam

But in (G)heaven I’ll meet with my (D7)sisters (G)sweet from Erin’s (D7)lovely (G)home


Now I’m (G)in the land of (D7)liber(G)ty where plenty it (D7)does a(G)bound
-(GSus4) -(G)

Where the labouring (D7)man gets (Am)full re(G)ward for the tilling (D)of his (Em)ground

There’s (G)naught I can (D7)see that can (Am)comfort (G)me as an exile (D)I must (Em)roam

And (G)end my days far (D7)far a(G)way from Erin’s (D7)lovely (G)home


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