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Down By The Sally Gardens lyrics + chords

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The Sally Gardens Lyrics And Chords. The Video Is Orla Fallon, the second version is by Maria and Jim Conneely vs Banj O'Harrigan. Written by W.B. Yeats.A sally is a willow tree, and they used withes of the willow tree to fasten thatching on roofs back in the old days in Ireland.  Each village had a bush of willow trees on the outskirts, primarily to provide the necessary material for thatching, and this bush was called the "sally gardens." It was also the 19th century equivalent of a "lovers' lane" where the young folk would go to be alone. Sheet music notes included. An Irish folk song.

It[D] was down by the[A] Sally[G] Gar[D]dens, my[G] love and[A] I did[D] meet.
She[D] crossed the[A] Sally[G] Gardens[D] with[G] little [A]snow-white[D] feet.
She[D] bid me[G] take love[A] easy, as the[Bm] leaves grow[G] on the[D] tree,
But I was[A] young and[Bm] fool[A]ish, and with[G] her did[A] not agr[D]ee.

In a field down by the river, my love and I did stand
And on my leaning shoulder, she laid her snow-white hand.
She bid me take life easy , as the grass grows on the weirs
But I was young and foolish, and now am full of tears.

Down by the Sally Gardens, my love and I did meet.
She crossed the Sally Gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree,
But I was young and foolish, and with her did not agree.

Here's the chords in the key of G Major.
It[G] was down by the[D] Sally[C] Gar[G]dens, my[C] love and[D] I did[G] meet.
She[G] crossed the[D] Sally[C] Gardens[G] with[C] little [D]snow-white[G] feet.
She[G] bid me[C] take love[D] easy, as the[Em] leaves grow[C] on the[G] tree,
But I was[D] young and[Em] fool[D]ish, and with[C] her did[D] not agr[G]ee.

Key of C.
It[C] was down by the[G] Sally[F] Gar[C]dens, my[F] love and[G] I did[C] meet.
She[C] crossed the[G] Sally[F] Gardens[C] with[F] little [G]snow-white[C] feet.
She[C] bid me[F] take love[G] easy, as the[Am] leaves grow[F] on the[C] tree,
But I was[G] young and[Am] fool[G]ish, and with[F] her did[G] not agr[C]ee.

Down By The Sally Gardens Sheet Music Notes

This lovely version is by Maria and Jim Conneely vs Banj O'Harrigan


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