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ADAR MĀN Y MYNYDD / The Little Birds On The Mountain (John Morris)
Lyrics and chords fit Siwsann George’s version from her album ‚Traditional Songs of Wales / Caneuon Traddodiadol Cymru’. Use a capo on the 3rd fret to play along.
The version by Ger y Lli is in F major (G=F, C=B, Am=Gm, D7=C7), repectively D major with a capo on the 3rd fret (G=D, C=G, Am=Em, D7=A7).

Yr (G)eos (C)a'r (Am)glān (G)’hedydd
Ac adar mān y (C)mynydd,
A ewch chi'n (G)gennad at (C)liw'r haf
Sy'n glaf o (G)glefyd (D7)new(G)ydd? 

’Does (G)gen i (C)ddim (Am)an(G)rhegion
Na jewels drud i'w (C)danfon
I ddwyn i’ch (G)cof yr hwn (C)a'ch cār,
Ond pār o (G)fenyg (D7)gwy(G)nion. 

Yr (G)adar (C)mān (Am)fe (G)aethant
I'w siwrnai bell he(C)dasant
Ac yno ar (G)gyfer gwely (C)Gwen
Hwy ar y (G)pren ga(D7)na(G)sant. 

Dy(G)wedai (C)Gwen, (Am)lliw'r (G)ewyn
’Och fi, pa beth yw'r (C)deryn
Sydd yma'n (G)tiwnio nawr (C)mor braf
A minnau'n (G)glaf ar (D7)der(G)fyn?’

’Cen(G)hadon (C)ym, (Am)gwnewch (G)goelio
Oddi wrth yr hwn a'ch (C)caro,
Gael iddo (G)wybod ffordd (C)yr y’ch
Ai mendio'n (G)wych a'i (D7)pei(G)dio.’ 

’O (G)dwedwch (C)wrth(Am)o'n (G)dawel
Mai byr fydd hyd fy (C)hoedel,
Cyn diwedd (G)hyn o haf, (C)yn brudd
Ā'n gymysg (G)bridd a (D7)gra(G)fel.’
Repeat 1st verse (optional)

English Translation

The nightinale and the pure lark
And little birds of the mountain
Will you go to the summer’s hue
That suffers from a new disease?

I have no gifts
Or juwels to send
To help you remember the one who loves you
Only a pair of white gloves.

The little birds went,
They flew to their distant journey;
And there on Gwen’s bedside
They sang on the branch.

Gwen, the wavecrest’s hue, said
„Oh who ist the bird
Who’s singing so beautifully
And me so ill and nearing the end?“

„We are ambassadors, believe us
From the one who loves you
Who wants to know how you are
Whether you are mending or not.“

„Oh, tell him very softly
That the lenght of my life iss hort,
Before summer’s end
I’ll mix with the earth and gravel.



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