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After Hours Lyrics

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After Hours Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. The Battlefield Band recorded this song in F major with a Capo on the 3rd fret. A song about drinking and singing ballads in the pub ater hours and getting away with it, sure isn't that when the craic really starts. More drink there boss.

(D)Going in through the (A)side (D)door
(G)No need to (D)worry now- the ghost is (A)clear
We can (G)make a little (D)music now the night is (A)ours
And it will (G)sound a lot (D)sweeter (A)after (D)hours

(D)After (G)hours, really let your (D)hair  down
After (G)hours when the (D)light’s so (G)low(A)
For(G)get about your (A)troubles and (D)morning (G)blues
Put (D)up an(A)other (D)round -G
Put (D)up an(A)other (D)round

Tune Bridge: Green Gates
D-D-D-D   G-G-G-A   D-D-D-D   G-G-A-D (A-Part, twice)
D-D-D-D   G-G-G-A   D-D-D-D   G-G-A-D (B-Part, twice)

(D)Paddy sing a song like a (A)good (D)man
(G)Sing it in your (D)own way, like only you (A)can
You can (G)give it all your (D)feeling, now the floor is (A)yours
And it will (G)sound a lot (D)sweeter (A)after (D)hours


Song Bridge: Whiskey In The Jar
As (D)I was going over the (Bm)far famed Kerry Mountains
When I (G)met with Captain Farrell and ...

...its (D)sound in the clear light of (A)daw(D)ning
(G)Sitting so (D)strange in the early mor(A)ning
(G)Never heard the (D)birds sing like this be(A)fore
And it (G)sure sounds (D)sweeter (A)after (D)hours


Tune Bridge: Ship In Full Sail
D-D-D-D   G-D-A-A   D-D-D-D   G-D-A-D (twice)
D-D-G-D   D-D-A-A   D-D-G-D   G-D-A-D (twice)
D-D-D-D   G-D-A-A   D-D-D-D   G-D-A-D (twice)
D-D-G-D   D-D-A-A   D-D-G-D   G-D-A-D
D-D-G-D   D-D-A-A   D-D-G-D   G-G-G-G   G-A

Slow Chorus without line 4
Normal Chorus


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