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Ainster Harbour

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Ainster Harbour The McCalmans Lyrics And Chords. A beautiful melodic Scottish song with some fine guitar playing, change the song title and the song could be about any town's harbour in the world. The guitar work is by Marc Fahrbach, written by Nick Keir,  For The McCalman’s version use capo on 3rd fret

C)Saw her walking (F)by the (C)harbour, (F)where the (C)fishing (Am)boats are (G)tied,
(C)Sunlight shining (F)on the (C)water, (F)summer (C)dancing (G7)in her (C)eyes. -F-G
(C)Young men standing (F)on the (C)sea shore, (F)watch the (C)water's (Am)ebb and (G)flow,
(C)Old men standing (F)on the (C)quayside, (F)telling (C)tales of (G7)long a(C)go.



(F)Sailed my ship on (C)lakes of summer, (F)sailed her (C)through the (G)winter's blast,
(F)Ainster Harbour (C)holds me safely, (G)come to rest at (F)last. –F-G-C


All the (C)colours of the (F)world are (C)fading, (F)as the (C)sun sinks (Am)from the (G)sky.
(C)Old men standing (F)on the (C)quayside (F)turn their (C)heads as (G7)she goes (C)by. -F-G
(C)Even now I'm (F)dreaming (C)softly, (F)singing (C)gently (Am)through the (G)night.
(C)Dawn will break on (F)many (C)harbours, (F)gilded (C)by the (G7)morning (C)light.




(C)I have travelled (F)far and (C)lonely, (F)beat a(C)gainst the (Am)raging (G)seas,
(C)Anchored out be(F)yond the (C)islands, (F)sailed with (C)every (G7)rising (C)breeze. -F-G
(C)There between the (F)scattered (C)rockpools, (F)by the (C)water's (Am)rising (G)foam,
(C)Watch her footsteps (F)guide me (C)landwards, (F)watch her (C)footsteps (G7)guide me (C)home.


(F)Sailed my ship on (C)lakes of summer, (F)sailed her (C)through the (G)winter's blast,
(F)Ainster Harbour (C)holds me safely, (G)come to rest at (F)last,

(G)come to rest at (F)last.-F-G-C



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