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Air An Traigh lyrics and chords

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AIR AN TRAIGH lyrics and chords 4/4

As sung by Runrig and James Graham (both in F Major à use capo on 3rd fret) A Scottish Gaelic song. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach. A good auld song of remanising about days long gone by and a more simple way of life. Some of these old Scottish and Irish language songs have a beautiful air. I often wonder why they are not promoted more on the national airways,,,,,then again, there's very few of the English language songs on this site that get airplay. It's all about big business and record companies and out native music takes second fiddle.

As sung by Runrig and James Graham (both in F Major à use capo on 3rd fret)


Curfá 1x nó 2x

'S b'fhearr gun (D)robh mi 'r ais a (G)rithis

Coiseachd (D)cas ruisgte air an (A)traigh

Le mo (D)dha laimh 'na mo (G)phocaid

'S ri mo (D)thaobh, An(A)na mo (D)ghraidh – (A)


Bha sinn (G)og is bha sinn (Bm)sporsal

Cluichd le (D)solas is le (A)gair

Air a'(G)mhonadh 's air an (Bm)locha

'S measg an (D)arbhair as a'(A)bha(D)thaich – (A)




'S nuair a (G)thig e gu am (Bm)feasgair

'G iarraidh (D)crodh shuas air a'(A)bheinn

'S dheanamh (G)dhachaidh air 'ur (Bm)socair

Togail o(D)rain 's (A)togail (D)ruinn – (A)


Curfá 1x nó 2x


Bhiodh sinn (G)sgith nuair nochdadh (Bm)oidhche

'G ol bainne (D)fuar taobh teine (A)blath

'S bhiodh sinn (G)granail dol dhan (Bm)leabaidh

Ach am (D)marach 'g (A)eirigh (D)trath. – (A)


Curfá 2x nó 3x


English translation


Chorus 1x oder 2x

I wish that I was back there again

Walking barefoot on the strand

My two hands in my pockets

And you by my side, Anne my love


We were young and full of joy

Playing with contentment and laughter

On the moor, on the loch

And amongst the corn in the barn




When it came to the late afternoon

Bringing the cattle in from the hill

Lingering on our way back home

Singing songs


Chorus 1x or 2x


We were tired when night fell

Drinking cold milk beside the warm fire

With no desire for sleep

And rising early the next morning.


Chorus 2x or 3x


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